Which skin care device to choose?

Whether to treat your acne, ensure deep cleansing of your skin or fight against wrinkles, you have chosen to make the beauty device your weapon. If you have doubts about which treatment device you should choose to pamper your face, here are some tips that could help you see things more clearly!

Choosing your anti-wrinkle device

The skin on your face is no longer as firm as before and you would like to have it plump again.
Fighting the signs of aging requires choosing your products and treatments correctly. Some of them help fight fine lines and wrinkles very effectively.
Thanks to the technologies used in a facial treatment device, your face benefits from a massage + heat mixture for optimal anti-wrinkle action. The best anti-wrinkle devices deliver results quickly. If you want to avoid Botox injections at all costs, this is the facial beauty device you need!
Which anti-wrinkle facial device to choose?
We recommend the Newa collagen face. This facial care device is particularly effective in combating wrinkles. It helps your skin replenish the collagen it no longer produces, or in smaller quantities. Indeed, collagen production decreases with age. This beauty device smoothes your skin and reduces the appearance of your wrinkles. Many dermatologists believe that it fights effectively against wrinkles and fine lines.

Choosing your facial massager

Is your face losing tone? Take care of your face with a Japanese facial massager. These products consist of two small rollers that must be passed over the face. This helps firm the skin and provides a feeling of soothing and relaxation, by releasing tense nerves. This is also effective for the eye area.
Which device to choose to firm up the oval of the face?
Your beauty also depends on the shape of your face, what is often called “the oval of the face”. The face produces less collagen with age, the elasticity of the skin decreases and the oval relaxes.
Fortunately, today's beauty devices can solve this problem. Unlike anti-wrinkle devices, these devices are designed with a very specific and ergonomic shape, which allows them to fit the oval of the face. You can therefore massage the contours of your face easily, without having to turn your massage device in all directions.
This type of device is generally recommended for the face and neck. Because the beauty of the face necessarily involves that of the neck. This part of the body also suffers from the signs of aging.
One of the most popular devices for this type of facial treatment is the Ms.W facial wrinkle device. This beauty device offers 3 different modes. The face and neck benefit from a specific massage, to be chosen according to the treatments you want. The massage head diffuses soothing heat on your skin.

Facial electrostimulation: which treatment device should you get?

Electrostimulation is suitable for your facial treatments if you want to give your skin a youthful look. How does it work?
Your facial treatment device sends weak electrical pulses to the muscles in your face to tone them.
With such skin care, and provided that they are regular (these treatments are completely painless), you will notice that the wrinkles on your face gradually diminish.
If this treatment method scares you a little, know that beauty institutes have already been using it for several decades!

An ultra-complete range of facial care products

To take care of your face, there are multiple offers. But rarely, they will complement each other as well as with the products and treatments from the Lightinderm brand.
An expert in the field of facial care, with results proven by clinical studies, the brand offers facial care devices that address women's main beauty issues: wrinkles, dark circles, brown spots, pink spots, dull complexion, etc. ..
To take care of your face, the device uses 3 technologies :
•Light therapy;
•Tissue massage;
•Serums with a “clean” composition.
Once you have the facial beauty device, you will only need to find 3 minutes a day to carry out your treatments.
The price of the product will be amortized over the long term. You will no longer need to go to sometimes overpriced institutes to give your skin the care it deserves.
Take advantage of these 3 minutes of facial treatment to relax before going to bed.
Your beautiful face has finally found its allies!
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