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5 tips for an even complexion

Age spots affect around 200 million women around the world. These pigmentary disorders seem to affect every skin type. If you also suffer from brown spots and want to regain an even complexion, follow the beauty advice given in this article! Use products suited to your skin type Uneven skin tone often affects well-being. Women with uneven skin tone therefore seek at all costs to fade brown spots that are often considered unsightly. Although this is a good intention, be careful with the products and treatments you use to regain an even complexion. Whether you use dermatological or pharmaceutical products, be aware that certain treatments are likely to irritate your skin and make it more fragile. If your soft skin becomes uncomfortable, stop immediately and change treatments. Protect your skin from UV Sun rays are one of the main reasons for the appearance of spots on the face. Neither your morning serum nor your makeup really protects you from UV rays. Hormones can also promote the appearance of pigment spots, especially before or after pregnancy. To fight against the sun, there is only one solution: sunscreen! Even out your complexion with a weekly scrub Radiantly beautiful skin is not necessarily skin that needs to be overloaded with care of all kinds. To take care of your skin and fight against a dull complexion and brown spots, do a gentle exfoliation weekly. This cares for the skin and complexion by ridding it of dead cells, activating skin regeneration and giving a nice little boost even to fragile skin. Hide pigment spots A complexion that is not uniform tends to make women feel self-conscious. If you are in this situation, you can always even out your skin tone with makeup. By choosing a good moisturizer for the base, and a foundation adapted to your skin tone, you will be able to fade brown spots artificially. In just five minutes, you will find an even and luminous complexion. Focus on a serum rich in active ingredients A serum containing a high quantity of active ingredients fighting against free radicals, pollution and brown spots are powerful allies for women who want to regain an even complexion. Often, a serum with vitamin C and niacinamide does the job well! A treatment rich in niacinamide stops the transfer of melanin to the skin. This helps prevent the appearance of brown spots on the face. Such treatment protects and nourishes skin that already suffers from spots. The light revelation against spots on the face: our Brightening program Lightinderm's Brightening program helps to even out your complexion. Our device combines 3 technologies (light therapy, a serum and a tissue massage) that help you get rid of your uneven skin tone. Studies prove it:
  • You find a 100% uniform complexion;
  • Your skin becomes 90% smoother;
  • Your skin becomes 86% luminous again.
By adding this unique treatment to your skincare routine, you even out your complexion without makeup, and easily. Just use our device for three minutes a day to say goodbye to your uneven skin tone! Protect your skin well with a sunscreen adapted to your skin, and you will spend the summer with soft skin and a nice even complexion. 9 preventive actions to maintain the beauty of your skin. The best thing to do to fight against dark spots and regain an even complexion is to follow a few simple rules that protect the skin.
  • When the sun is shining, use sunscreen mists. They complement the action of your sunscreen.
  • Use anti-aging serums as soon as you reach your 40s.
  • Before going to bed, apply an anti-stain cream.
  • Do you stay in the sun for a long time? Apply your sunscreen generously to your skin.
  • To preserve your skin and complexion, wear a hat or cap.
  • If you are expecting a baby, stay in the shade as much as possible.
  • If you're not a fan of the once-a-week face mask, eat foods rich in antioxidants! They delay the aging of the skin.
  • Choose an oil rich in antioxidants as your preferred treatment. It hydrates your face and will protect your skin. Prefer a specific eye contour treatment for this area where the skin is thinner.
  • To have a beautiful complexion and soft skin, choose beauty products like blurs, foundations or DD creams. They protect from the sun and help to have an even complexion.
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