"This innovation was born from my personal experience, skin cancer linked to too much sun exposure. Perfectly taken care of and cured, it allowed me, during my visits to dermatologists' offices, to discover a phenomenon fascinating: “the paradox of light”.
While UV is potentially dangerous, certain wavelengths have the capacity to stimulate the self-regeneration processes of deep skin tissues.
With a formidable team of doctors and scientists led by Professor Grimaud, we have succeeded in calibrating this beneficial power and combining it with photo-active ingredients. A unique deep regeneration system has been created, usable at home, combining a photobiomodulation device and serum capsules concentrated in photo-active ingredients.
Today, the results are there, scientifically proven: effectiveness multiplied by 3 in just 3 minutes per day.

With Lightinderm, we put in your hands a technology that takes at-home skincare into a new dimension of effectiveness."



Doctor - Pathologist - Former Professor of Cell Biology at the Faculty of Medicine of Cordeliers University of Paris VI - Former Director of the CNRS-Institut Pasteur Joint Research Unit - Former Director General of the Pasteur Institute of Lyon.

Pr. Jean-Alexis Grimaud, co-founder and scientific director of Lightinderm and director of Matriscience, supervises the research and scientific development of Lightinderm. He is involved in fundamental research work and in long-term partnerships with Inserm, Nice University Hospital and the Chatenay-Malabry Faculty of Medicine on the effects of photomodulation.


French dermatologist - President and co-founder of ADEESSE (Association of Aesthetic Dermatology of the South East) - Specialist in photobiomodulation and the use of LED techniques in the office. Holder of a DEA in Immunology. Former President of ADEESSE. Member of the SFLD scientific committee. Member of the gDEC scientific committee. Author of the reference work “Photobiomodulation in dermatology, understanding and using LEDs”.

Dr. Christine Noé has been supporting the Lightinderm project since 2017. She participates in the development of effective light programs and study protocols for clinical validation of the programs. She has been testing Lightinderm in observational studies with her own patients since 2019.


Dermatologist - Doctor in biochemistry and molecular biology - Former Head of Clinic at Saint-Louis Hospital - Teacher at the Paris Faculty of Medicine - Practitioner in private practice in Paris in medical, surgical and aesthetic dermatology.

Dr. Noël Schartz joined the project in 2019 and participates in the design of future Lightinderm programs. He also supervises the scientific publications produced by the brand.


Passionate about the art of massage since her early childhood, facial therapist Chantal Lehmann has continued to travel the world for more than 15 years to learn and perfect her knowledge of the body and massages. From this incredibly rich experience, acquired in the four corners of the globe, was born a compendium which contains nearly 300 techniques, a scientifically patented protocol, as well as a training school for holistic massages including the astonishing HoliFitness facial massage.

Today, Chantal Lehmann puts her unique know-how at the service of Lightinderm technology by adding specific gestures to the 4 programs to maximize the effectiveness of photobiomodulation and photo-active serums.


Ranked among the "100 World top designers and influencers" by Wallpaper* and Surface magazines, Mathieu Lehanneur is described as the "champion of intellectual agility in the field of contemporary design" by Paola Antonelli, Senior Curator - Department of Architecture & Design - and Director of R&D at MoMA-NY.
His projects are part of the most important international collections, public and private, such as those of MoMA-NY and SFMoMA, or the Center Pompidou and the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris.
He is currently working on the redevelopment of the Grand Palais, Paris.

Passionate about the combination of medical technology and design, and involved in the project since 2015, Mathieu Lehanneur develops and produces the design and ergonomics of the Lightinderm system.

“Eternal youth is an age-old quest, but we have never approached it so closely. We are finally touching on the ultimate dream. Lightinderm is a concentrate of science and expertise. It's about light, wavelength, serum and biology... But it's also magic, a miracle! I conceived and designed it as a key to life. I wanted it to encapsulate its power and performance in a simple, pure and iconic form. It is an object that invites ritual, a link between your hands and your cells. » .



Doctor in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - Director of Research and Development.

Lieve has 27 years of experience in cosmetic innovation and development at global industry leaders, serving as Director of Basic Research for Europe and Asia. She supervises the formulation of Lightinderm treatments in association with light, its application procedures and their pre-clinical and clinical evaluations.


Graduate of Ecole Polytechnique - Holder of a doctorate in Bio-technology - Scientific manager .

Cyprien uses his dual skills in Physics and Chemistry to benefit from the discovery of new light-active associations, the optimization of light parameters and their validation in vitro and ex-vivo.