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6 good tips to hydrate your skin without any chemicals!

You would like your face to maintain its radiance over time and for your skin to have as few wrinkles as possible. A good moisturizer will provide your skin with all the hydration it needs and will address the problem of radiance and the formation of wrinkles. You will find many moisturizing creams on the market. But if you're not careful, your beauty routine can do more harm than good to your skin. The guilty ? All the components of your creams that have nothing to do with your skin. So to help you choose the ideal facial treatment that is safe for your skin, here are 6 good tips to follow today!

5 Effective Tips for Zero Chemical Facials

If your moisturizer has too many chemicals, it won't really take care of your face. Choose a cream containing aloe vera, coconut or jojoba oil. Find hydrated and beautiful skin, like that of your favorite star!

Choose an aloe vera moisturizer

This plant contains minerals, enzymes, vitamins and amino acids which will do a lot of good for normal skin, dry and oily skin. All skin will regain its suppleness and softness in no time. Better than the best moisturizing face cream from major cosmetic brands! You can do this treatment just before nighttime, for glowing skin in the morning.

Replace your facial moisturizer with a cucumber!

Cucumber contains a lot of vitamin C and trace elements. And unlike your current moisturizing and nourishing treatment, it's a safe bet that it contains much fewer chemicals! To make your own organic moisturizer, combine yogurt with your cucumber. Apply the material and cucumber slices to your face and leave for 10 minutes. The cucumber will hydrate and rebalance your epidermis. The yogurt comes to exfoliate it. Avoid the eye area and treat your face to real natural moisturizing care!

Pamper normal and dry skin with argan oil

This vegetable oil (organic if possible) will act on your skin even faster than a moisturizing gel cream! Argan brings all its hydrating and nourishing power to your epidermis whenever it needs it. Dry skin will find a real lasting solution to take care of it. As with a classic moisturizing cream, you find elasticity and suppleness. And if you use a treatment with hyaluronic acid to fight against wrinkles and preserve your beauty, know that argan oil also acts against wrinkles and age, like a classic treatment!

Should you swap your facial moisturizer for avocado?

Clearly, yes! Avocado flesh can be used in addition to argan oil. In addition to being one of the best alternatives to moisturizing facial creams, it would be an excellent treatment for quickly smoothing wrinkles. In addition to maximum hydration, avocado flesh contains a large amount of vitamins B, C and E, which fight against wrinkles. To make this moisturizing treatment, mix the crushed avocado flesh with olive oil. You will regain all the radiance of your skin. As with creams, avoid putting the avocado near the eyes.

Olive oil to boost the hydration of your skin

For all skin types that are saturated with their industrial moisturizer and want more naturalness: opt for olive oil! It is rich in omega 9, which actively acts against the effects of aging. Dry and sensitive skin will particularly appreciate it as a facial treatment. Like the best moisturizers, olive oil nourishes, soothes and heals your skin. A beauty oil that has it all figured out and will do your dry skin good! To benefit from all the benefits of this hydrating and nourishing product, choose a virgin, organically grown, cold-pressed oil and protect it from light and heat.

Replace your moisturizer with light to ensure the hydration of your skin?

Once again, it’s a big yes! Our Repair program acts like your classic facial treatments, with even more visible and long-lasting results. How is it possible ? Even better than a moisturizing face cream, our program acts on several fronts. Our serum contains 93% natural origin. It therefore meets the needs and requirements of all women who want to replace their industrial moisturizer with a facial moisturizer that is more respectful of their skin and, ultimately, their health. At the end of your session, you will have skin as soft as after applying thermal water or a soothing serum. Our program is also suitable for sensitive skin.
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