LED therapy device, how to choose for home use?

Whether it is to reduce wrinkles on your face, treat your acne or test new products and skincare products, you have decided to opt for a light therapy treatment at home. Exit aesthetic medicine centers, you will take care of your beauty in complete autonomy!
Because this type of care requires specific devices, we tell you some criteria to take into account when making your purchase.

Choose your LED device according to your expectations

An essential prerequisite for choosing your LED device is identifying your needs. You will not choose the same device depending on whether you want to treat your acne, fight against the effects of aging or plump up your skin. Depending on the desired treatment, you should find out about the number of light colors offered by the different facial light therapy devices.
Here are some basic instructions:
•Blue light has an antiseptic function;
•The red LED acts on wrinkles and helps with healing;
•The infrared LED repairs the tissues in depth.
Some light therapy devices offer all 3 colors, for ultra-complete skin care.

Choose your phototherapy device based on its technical characteristics

The number of LEDs is important for the homogeneity of the treatment of your skin. Indeed, it is important that your entire face is treated evenly.
Please note that photomodulation devices comply with rules allowing consumers to verify that the lamps do not contain any ultraviolet. Before purchasing your light therapy device, make sure that the CE mark appears on the device.
To ensure that your treatment brings you all the benefits you hope for, pay attention to the shape of your LED device. Some light treatment devices are of the LED face mask type. Their use is simple: it is a luminous mask that you hang on your face using an elastic band. If the device is too far from your skin, the LED mask will need more time to care for your face.
In terms of the beauty performance of your LED facial device, experts believe that a good treatment shows its first effects on the signs of aging in less than a month. A single light therapy session may not have any visible effect on your wrinkles, but keep in mind that your skin's rejuvenation is actively being prepared!

Choose your light therapy device according to the extent of the area treated

When choosing your LED mask, you will notice that not all devices cover the same areas of skin.
The LED device can be in the form of panels. There, it is no longer just a facial treatment, but rather covering a large area of ​​your body. In general, these light therapy devices are sufficiently manageable to adapt to your body shape.
Other light therapy devices have tips that you can change as you wish. You will be able to treat the rejuvenation of the skin on your face and make stretch marks disappear.
When purchasing, make sure that your LED body device offers several tips if you want to treat your wrinkles or, more broadly, the delicate skin of your face.
Whatever your aesthetic problem, also consider the number of bulbs and the power of your LED facial device. This will help you determine the effectiveness of your phototherapy device. For a beauty routine truly tailored to your needs, you need to be able to adjust the intensity of the facial LEDs yourself.

Choose your phototherapy device according to your skin

Not all skin reacts the same way to phototherapy. It's not a question of age, but of photosensitivity. Fortunately, aesthetic “medicine” using light, or treatments using light, is done via diodes which do not emit any heat. Your skin is therefore respected. That said, if you notice that the red light from your anti-wrinkle device is heating your face, stop your treatment session immediately. Ditto if you experience side effects after your session (even if it is the first).
To minimize this type of inconvenience with your facial treatment device, be sure to choose a light therapy device using LED photomodulation using pulsed light.

Choosing a phototherapy device with proven effectiveness

It is indeed one of the best alternatives to take care of yourself without risk, and whatever your age. The LED phototherapy devices from the beauty and care brand Lightinderm have all proven their effectiveness. At each session, LED light acts in symbiosis with photo-active serums to provide your skin with the beauty “therapy” it needs to fight acne or even wrinkles.
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