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How to have a luminous complexion?

When it comes to beauty, having a luminous complexion is one of women's primary concerns. But when you work in an office, in the city, and your skin suffers from stress and pollution, it quickly becomes mission impossible... So we wanted to share with you our best tips for making your skin glow with radiance. natural.

Essential first treatment: cleanse your skin morning and evening

Facial treatments include good facial cleansing. This will remove residue from your foundation and dead cells. Your pores will breathe better and you will have fewer imperfections and pimples on your face. Good cleansing prepares your skin to receive the care you apply to it more effectively. Cleansing is therefore an essential step to revive the luminosity of your complexion. This step is important regardless of your age.

Revive the luminosity of the treatment with a deep cleansing

In addition to daily cleansing, treat your face to a clarifying mask to deeply cleanse it. You can do this type of treatment one to three times a week. To gain luminosity, it is necessary to reactivate cell renewal, which the clarifying mask does. It takes care of your skin by refining its texture and preserving its tone. To regain a beautiful complexion and its natural luminosity, leave the mask on for ten minutes. Use a toning lotion to complete this facial treatment. Adapt this type of care to your age. Organic care is always more interesting for the skin.

The solution for a dull complexion: eat oily fish

Makeup and skincare are not the only solutions for optimal complexion and luminosity. Oily fish, rich in omega 3, nourish the skin and are very good anti-inflammatories. Maintain your complexion with indulgence with salmon, eel, herring or even mackerel and you will have a pretty pink complexion and a dream body!

Bring out the luminosity of your complexion with makeup

Before even applying your foundation to your face, start with an illuminating primer. These products contain pearly particles that attract light. Whatever your age, then apply a light foundation in the color of your skin tone. Then move on to a liquid concealer, then a creamy blush, which you will apply while smiling. This makeup technique allows you to place the color in the right place, and therefore to attract the light where it is needed. Pink or orange blush, it’s your preference! On the top of your cheekbone, now apply a golden highlighter. Continue your line on the bridge of the nose, the center of your lips and the inner corner of the eye. This solution for the complexion and its luminosity should not make you forget to clean your skin well. Finally, outline your eyebrows and use a lipstick or a mix of raspberry-colored lipstick and gloss, again to attract the light. What solution for maximum complexion and luminosity without foundation? Foundations are not the only beauty products that can add luminosity and radiance to your complexion. Let's start with the BB cream which hydrates and protects your skin against the sun. The cream blurs imperfections and boosts the radiance of your face. It acts as a real complexion and luminosity enhancer without suffocating it or drying out the skin. We continue with the correctors. They revive radiance by camouflaging small imperfections, brown spots and spots. Finally, anti-spot treatments are ideal facial treatments for all those whose complexion has lost its uniformity due to pigment spots. Be sure to choose a treatment that prevents the reappearance of spots. This will allow you to attract light for longer, and take care of your skin in the long term. If necessary, add an anti-dark spot day cream to your beauty routine.

Find radiance and luminosity at any age with Lightinderm

The solution for a luminous complexion must last over time to be considered effective. This is exactly what Lightinderm offers you with its Brightening program. The cream capsule, the light sent by the device and the tissue massage act on the radiance and luminosity of the complexion. You find an even complexion, smoother and more luminous skin. Whatever your age, this treatment will beautify your skin in just a few weeks. Radiance and luminosity are finally restored to you and your complexion has never been so beautiful! And if your man is jealous of the beauty of your skin, you can always lend him your device!
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