Comment bien choisir une crème anti-tâches pour le visage ?

How to choose an anti-dark spot cream for the face?

You see them every day on your face, and you would like to find an effective treatment or serum to get rid of them. To finally say goodbye to your brown spots, we recommend a moisturizing and nourishing treatment including a sun protection factor. Indeed, the sun is your number one enemy if you are hunting for pigment spots. If you don't know which anti-stain product to choose, this article is here to help you see things more clearly!

What are “brown spots”?

These small spots that you see on your skin are called “brown spots”. They can be more or less extensive and appear on areas exposed to the sun: the face, hands, shoulders and arms. It is the sun that promotes the appearance of these pigment spots. The cause: excessive production of melanin by your skin. Other factors can explain the appearance of these pigment spots: stress or heavy pollution. With age, exposure time necessarily increases. Sometimes melanin is visible especially on part of the skin, and it pigments it even more. These brown spots no longer disappear. If you notice the presence of such brown spots, we recommend that you see your dermatologist. This skin specialist will tell you whether they are harmless spots or melanoma.

What to do if you notice pigment spots on your skin?

Choose a sunscreen that you will use every day. It is the essential base for any anti-stain treatment. This type of product helps prevent the formation of new brown spots, and a darker coloring of the spots you already have. Check that your anti-spot care routine does not contain any products with fruit acids, retinol or even glycolic acid: these are photo sensitizers. Every September, return to your anti-blemish skincare routine to reduce melanocytes and reduce the formation of wrinkles. A simple and effective beauty gesture!

What type of anti-stain cream to choose?

The essential treatment is clearly the day cream with sun protection. Know that it is also THE gesture to favor for an anti-aging action. For the morning, choose an anti-spot cream with peptides, vitamin C and plant extracts. This mixture constitutes the ideal anti-blemish to avoid pigmentary problems. Twice a day you can use a lightening and anti-aging serum. This type of anti-aging treatment reduces pigment irregularities and inflammation. Your face regains all its radiance! Good to know: if the pigment imperfections on your face or body are few and far between, you do not need to increase the number of facial treatments. A single anti-stain corrector will be enough. If you notice that you have more and more, use two or three anti-spot creams (or an anti-spot serum in addition to one cream). The advantage of a serum is that you can apply it before your anti-dark spot cream. And thus maximize the effects of your products! If your skin shines, apply this treatment at night.

Did you know ?

Anti-stain treatments in the form of creams have a greasy and thick texture. Apply them at night, evenly over your entire face. These treatments also serve as a preventive “treatment” against pigment defects. You will also find great allies with local facial treatments. They are to be applied directly to pigment defects. This type of anti-spot serum has an intense and very targeted effect and regulates hyper pigmentation.

An unexpected anti-stain corrector: light!

The Brightening program acts as an anti-brown spot treatment. Indeed, the combination of light, our serum and a tissue massage works to even out your complexion. Your skin regains its radiance. It is smoothed as if you were using a premium anti-wrinkle serum and it becomes more luminous. Even the best anti-stain treatments cannot guarantee this triple effectiveness! The action of green light, combined with that of Andographis, fights like an anti-spot corrector would against your pigment spots. This mixture inhibits pro-melanogenic factors and regulates melanin production. This is what the basic anti-stain treatment offers, but less strong. Additionally, find the benefits of vitamin C, which reduces the activity of the enzyme that controls pigmentation: tyrosinase. The Brightening program is today one of the most innovative facial treatments of its generation. It helps you regain your natural radiance and limit pigment defects. Suitable for all skin types.
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