Pores dilatés

How to finally say goodbye to enlarged pores?

The skin on your face is made up of pores. These tiny holes allow your skin to breathe and evacuate perspiration, dead cells or sebum. This is produced by the sebaceous glands and, sometimes, an excess of this substance blocks your pores. They are then dilated and visible. Fortunately, there are several solutions that allow you to tighten your pores and limit the appearance of blackheads and pimples. Discover them without delay in this article!

How to limit the risks of the appearance of enlarged pores?

Several simple routines allow you to maintain your beauty with very few products and in a minimum of time.

Take the time to remove your makeup

Even if you are tired in the evening, don't forget about removing makeup. This would only encourage the appearance of enlarged pores, or clog them even more. To take care of your skin, opt for a gentle makeup remover or cleansing oils and balms. It is recommended that those with oily skin not neglect the makeup removal step.

Clean your skin well

Enlarged pores can be the result of skin that is not clean enough. Now that your skin is completely clean of makeup, you can cleanse it with a product suited to your skin type. When specified in the instructions, leave on for one or two minutes and rinse with cold water. This will help tighten your pores.

Adapt your skincare routine

There are treatments for each skin. A complete routine consists of a serum to apply to clean, dry skin, and a cream. Lightinderm treatment can also be used to prevent the appearance of blackheads and enlarged pores.

5 effective solutions to tighten pores

If blackheads already dot your face, trying to prevent the appearance of enlarged pores is no longer of any use. Now is the time to try everything to tighten them. You can try one or more of the methods described below.

The Purity program

This program has been designed to reduce your skin's imperfections and residual marks. Enlarged pores are tightened thanks to a serum that respects your skin and meets its needs. The combination of lights and active ingredients with proven effectiveness helps you quickly regain beautiful and healthy skin. By rolling the ball of our device for 15 seconds over the areas to be treated, you send short illuminations into your skin. This light causes metabolic enzymes to react which contribute to the good health of your skin. Please know that this innovative formula was developed by a qualified team of doctors and scientists.

Exfoliate your skin

Since impurities clog your pores, they must be unclogged. You can use a mask or an exfoliating treatment for this. Choose them soft so as not to attack your skin. After several applications, you should notice that you have regained a nice skin texture, that your pores are regenerated and that they have tightened.

Cheat with the blur

Here, it is not a skin treatment, but a technique to camouflage enlarged pores. So, before applying your complexion product, start with a blur foundation. This is a product with targeted action against enlarged pores and imperfections. You can apply it to the entire face, or just to the forehead-nose-chin area. In order not to suffocate skin that is already under strain, we advise you to use light products with a mattifying effect. Don't forget to remove your makeup in the evening before going to bed.
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