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How to remove wrinkles around the eyes?

Your face is the first part of your body to show the signs of aging. Around your eyes, the skin is very thin and marks easily. When wrinkles set in and visibly furrow the skin, the look can appear tired. To help you take care of your appearance and keep your skin youthful for as long as possible, here are our best tips!

What causes wrinkles around the eyes?

The skin around your eye is thinner than elsewhere on your face. It contains less collagen, lipids, peptides and elastin. This is where the signs of age are seen. Expression lines appear at the age of 25/30. And yes, it’s quite young, after all! This is simply due to the fact that your skin makes many movements (when you laugh, when you move your eyes, etc.). It is also very receptive to the sun, pollution and free radicals.

How to promote the reduction of wrinkles around the eyes?

Start by choosing treatments containing active ingredients with proven results. We advise you to choose products that are as natural as possible. You can try treatments containing hyaluronic acid. It is known for its action on reducing wrinkles. It hydrates, plumps and promotes better water balance in your skin.
By using your anti-wrinkle treatment correctly, you will not need to turn to aesthetic medicine. Here's how to use your products:
•Tap your skin from the inner corner of the eye towards the temple;
•Massage the area around your eye by gently pressing your skin with your ring finger.
The appearance of your wrinkles should change. They will fill in, before fading. And your face will no longer betray your age!

Anti-aging smoothing and filling products

At around the age of thirty, the first wrinkles appear on your face. It is possible to slow down their appearance with simple treatments. Treatments with hyaluronic acid or collagen synthesis activators are a good start to avoid resorting to aesthetic medicine later.
The next step could be to test treatments rich in fruit acids or retinol. They allow a temporary reduction of the tired eye contour thanks to their exfoliating characteristics. This gives a real boost to fibroblasts!
Treatments in this area require very specific care, as the skin is very thin. To effectively combat marking, your treatment can be applied twice a day.

What treatments to prevent marking around the eye?

To have good results, it is important to opt for the best treatments as soon as wrinkles appear, or even before. As you age, reducing wrinkles will require more effort. By acting when it is the right time, you delay the effects of age and prevent the marking from becoming more pronounced.
Here are some good habits to adopt to obtain satisfactory results:
•Don't wait for the next ride to hydrate yourself properly!
•Protect your face from the sun by wearing sunglasses;
•Stop smoking;
•Opt for a diet containing lots of antioxidant fruits and vegetables. This helps keep skin young and fight against the effects of aging.
To help reduce wrinkles, remember to remove makeup every day. Even if you haven't used makeup products, pollution, dust and general impurities can cause your skin to stretch.
Finally, to regain all the aesthetics of a lively look, you can use an anti-wrinkle eye contour treatment. With all these good, simple actions to put in place, you should see results within a few weeks.

Choosing effective and innovative treatments with Lightinderm

You knew hyaluronic acid in serum and alone, here it is even more effective. Used in synergy with light treatments and tissue massages, our hyaluronic acid contributes, whatever your age, to the reduction of wrinkles.
The red lights of our device + Hexapeptide + Hyaluronic Acid act together to wake up your fibroblasts. Because they are what produce your collagen. Results: after just a few weeks, the appearance of your wrinkles changes. They fill in and are therefore less visible.
As in an aesthetic center, your skin appears visibly younger. Use your wrinkle reduction device three minutes a day. Our tests prove the effectiveness of our products: 93% lifted eyelids (reduction of wrinkles and plumped skin) and 93% anti-fatigue effect. Results as convincing as in aesthetic medicine centers!
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