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How to restore radiance to your complexion?

Our skin is subjected to severe tests: stress, fatigue, pollution, etc. Our daily life alters the radiance of the skin and tightens the features of your face. Your skin becomes irritated more easily, imperfections appear and it loses its natural radiance. To help you regain a radiant complexion, we have grouped together in this article several tips to use at all ages, and for all skin types.

Restore radiance to your complexion with moisturizing treatments

Your skin is 70% water. Whatever imperfections form there, it needs a good dose of hydration to display the famous “healthy glow” complexion. It is also the sine qua non guarantee to restore radiance to your complexion. Before choosing your beauty products, remember to drink plenty of water To care for the delicate skin on your face, you can use a moisturizer. You will revive the radiance of your complexion by preserving the hydrolipidic film of your skin. When this film is altered, the skin is more sensitive to imperfections and brown spots. The complexion becomes dull. Some skin types may also notice enlarged pores.

Get rid of your dull complexion by exfoliating it

To boost the radiance of your complexion, there's nothing like exfoliation! This helps restore radiance to your skin. How it works ? Exfoliating beauty products are designed to rid your epidermis of dead cells. This is one of the best actions to regain beautiful skin texture. If a good treatment can contain organic fruit active ingredients, sensitive skin will be vigilant. Such a facial cream can be aggressive for them. Skin that tolerates them will observe an immediate tightening effect, skin that regains its beauty and radiant complexion.

Protect yourself at any age

The application of an oil suitable for dull complexion is recommended. This strengthens the hydration of the skin, and sometimes better than a face cream. In addition to being rich in fatty acids and nutrients, vegetable oil prevents the skin from producing too much sebum. So you get rid of both your dull complexion and your shiny skin with just one product!

Do not overuse foundation

If the radiance of your complexion leaves something to be desired, hiding it with makeup will not have the effect you are looking for. Your enlarged pores may be clogged by textures that are too covering. A skin texture altered by makeup that does not sufficiently respect your epidermis inevitably results in a dull complexion. To let your skin breathe and boost its radiance, do not wear makeup when you play sports.

Good habits to boost the radiance of your skin

With the right products (either organic products or treatments with an impeccable Yuka rating), you will soon be able to regain your radiant complexion. See what works on your face and repeat your treatments over the long term. This should allow you to give your skin a new glow for a long time. One of the main causes of dull complexion is pollution. Also, cleansed with a treatment adapted to your skin, it will fight more effectively against free radicals from pollution. Also keep in mind that to maintain a radiant complexion, restful sleep is essential. You won't need foundation if you sleep more! Normal skin can tolerate fruit acid cream before nighttime. Dry skin will prefer a cream rich in antioxidants. These simple actions really help restore radiance to the complexion. You understand, to enhance your complexion and your skin, a new beauty + care routine is necessary. Add to that a healthy lifestyle and you can say goodbye to brown spots and dull complexion.

Fight against dull and blurred complexion with Lightinderm

Do you want to revive the radiance of your dull complexion? Lightinderm's Brightening program offers you 3 in 1 treatments. It is an illuminating and evening treatment that combines 3 different technologies to restore radiance to your skin. Light therapy, a serum capsule and a tissue massage revitalize your skin to boost its radiance. This program 100% guarantees you a more even complexion, 90% reduction in the effects of aging on your skin and 86% radiant skin tone. Even more effective than a face cream enriched with hyaluronic acid! The Brightening program is suitable for normal, dry and oily skin. Do not apply to the eye area. Suitable for your skin whatever your age. Use in the morning or evening.
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