Complementary Lightinderm & Aesthetic Care

Hydrafacial / Oxygeno​

The exfoliation provided by the Hydrafacial or Oxygeno makes it possible to remove the elements of the skin which usually block part of the light. In addition, these treatments cannot be carried out every day, as this would be too harsh on the skin. Lightinderm is a daily skin maintenance treatment that activates cellular mechanisms throughout the depth of the skin, potentiating the effects of ingredients through light and massage. So, using Lightinderm after the Hydrafacial or Oxygeno would be relevant because we will have better penetration of light into the skin. And, conversely, using Lightinderm just after exfoliation helps repair the barrier function more effectively.​ You can then pair with:​ - The Repair program for an anti-aging solution.​ - The Lift program for a skin elasticity problem.​ - The Brightening program for uniformity and radiance of the complexion.​ - The Purity program to tighten pores and reduce imperfections.​ - The Redness program during recovery.​

Thermavein / Cynosur​

Microvessel treatments with Thermavein or Cynosur are extremely effective. On the other hand, there may be rebounds: the micro-vessels reappear. To limit these rebounds, it is necessary to repair the cause of the appearance of redness, in particular by reconstructing all the physiological functions ensuring the proper functioning of the skin to regain cellular homeostasis.​ By using the Redness programs, you will be able to support the process of eliminating micro-vessels damaged by Thermavein or Cynosur, limit rebound and optimize the health of your skin.​ You can also combine the Redness and Brightening programs, for pigmentary spider veins. In this case, we advise you to first do Redness (around 1 month) then complete with the Brightening program for the pigment component.

Dermapharm ​

In the case of spots, hyperpigmentation generally comes from overstimulation of melanocytes by the deeper layers of the skin (dermis). This overstimulation is linked to the degradation of the protective functions of the dermo-epidermal junction.​ The combination of light and the cocktail of ingredients from the Brightening program makes it possible to act on the 3 levels of pigmentation phenomena:​ - Induction:​ • By exogenous factors: green, red and infrared lights and anti-oxidant/anti-inflammatory active ingredients reduce the activation of pigmentation processes.​ • By endogenous factors (such as vascularization): the green and red lights associated with Andrographis extract help limit the vascular factor involved in melanin.​​ - Production:​ • Pigmentation is due to the presence of melanin in the skin which is produced by an enzyme: Tyrosinase. Red and infrared lights associated with Niacinamide and vitamin C reduce the activity of Tyrosinase and therefore the production of melanin.​ - Degradation/transfer:​ • In order to reduce tasks, it is necessary to help the degradation of melanin present in cells. The green and red lights associated with White Shitake extracts accompany the degradation and elimination of melanosomes present in the epidermis.​

Mesotherapy ​

The light emanating from the Lightinderm device penetrates deep. Therefore, if ingredients are present there thanks to mesotherapy, we can expect increased effects.​ You can use the Repair program, for an anti-aging action, and/or the Lift program, to improve skin elasticity.​

Peeling ​

Superficial peeling slightly damages the epidermis; the use of Redness allows the epidermis to be optimally repaired and the potential for side effects (redness, sensitivity) to be reduced.​ You can also use the Repair program for anti-aging follow-up, the Brightening program for anti-dark spot follow-up or the Purity program to tighten pores.​

Quality skin care: micro-dermabrasion, micro needling, mask and LEDs​

We can advise you on Redness for optimal repair of the epidermis and to reduce the potential for side effects. You can also use Repair for anti-aging follow-up, Brightening for anti-dark spots follow-up or PURITY to tighten pores.​


The Redness program can be carried out to support recovery, the Repair program as an anti-aging maintenance treatment and the Lift program for facial sagging issues.​


We can advise you to use the Redness program to support recovery and/or the Repair program as an anti-aging maintenance treatment.
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