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Eye contour: 5 simple tips to firm it

The facial skin is not uniform. Thus, the eye contour is particularly fine.
It is often he who betrays our state of health, fatigue or even our age.
It therefore requires appropriate care. To take care of the eye area, simple and effective tips are circulating on all beauty blogs.
We have selected the 5 best to help you fight against dark circles and wrinkles in this fragile area.

Why does the skin of the eyes mark so easily?

The eye contours are made up of very thin skin. Wrinkles and pockets therefore register very easily.
Dark circles are explained by poor microcirculation. Blood and lymph stagnate under your eye and become visible due to the thinness of the skin. Your eyes then appear tired. “Pockets” are well-established and very visible dark circles. The skin bulges under the eyes.
It also happens that bags do not come from marked dark circles, but from skin aging. This isn't due to your skin type, it's more "random" than that. It will then be interesting to fight against the signs of skin aging to reduce these puffiness.

Tip #1 for firming the eye area: facial gymnastics

A little session of facial gymnastics will allow you to maintain the beauty of your face. The idea is simple: firm the eye area by stimulating the muscles.
To tone the eye area, close your eyes and look alternately left, right, up and down. Finish your exercise by squinting your eyes hard. You will hardly find a more natural facial treatment! Do this exercise 5 times in the morning and evening to firm your eye area without using cream or serum.

Tip #2 to reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes: apply cold!

It is possible to “deflate” the bags that weigh down your eyes thanks to the cold. Simply pass ice cubes or spoons from the refrigerator in front of your eyes. Beauty ritual accessible to everyone, and effective at any age, whatever your skin type!
If you are used to using an eye contour cream to beautify your eyes, refrigerate it for a few hours. You will benefit from an immediate decongestant effect on your skin and eyes! Apply a moisturizing product to avoid the tightness effect.
If you prefer, you will find this type of treatment in the form of a refreshing gel.

Tip #3 for eye care: apply a serum

The eye serum has the particularity of containing numerous active ingredients that fight against wrinkles and fine lines, but also dark circles and bags. This eye contour treatment helps protect the skin from the sun's rays and the cold.
Depending on the virtues of each product, your serum can have a preventive action against skin aging.
Apply your eye serum delicately with your fingertips. You can apply this eye contour treatment only in the morning, or combine it with a night cream.
This type of treatment also exists for the lip contour.

Tip #4 to care for the eye area: use a natural makeup remover

Some cosmetic products tend to irritate the thin skin of the eyes. And when it stings the eye, it's even worse. Removing your makeup using natural products will help you avoid this type of inconvenience and help you preserve the area around your eyes.
To remove makeup from around the eyes, use cornflower water, castor oil or even sweet almond oil. In an empty bottle, pour two doses of the three products mentioned. The skin around the eyes needs to be gently pampered! Remove your makeup using a circular motion (applies to your face and eyes).

Tip #5 for firming the eye contour area: the combination of light and a serum

Your face is your identity. You have maintained your beauty for a long time. Or maybe it's the passage of time or the appearance of persistent dark circles that makes you want to take better care of your eyes. To meet these different expectations, Lightinderm has developed an Eye program. This is not just a facial treatment, nor is it just another anti-wrinkle serum.
This eye contour treatment combines light therapy, serum capsule and tissue massage. The effectiveness of this ultra-complete eye treatment is validated by professionals.
The Eye program reduces swelling of the skin around the eyes due to bags. Your gaze regains its vitality. Wrinkles are permanently reduced and their appearance is slowed. As effective as a hyaluronic acid treatment!
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