Holidermie x Lightinderm moves to Gigi in Ramatuelle

Holidermie offers a sunny 3-month residence in the south of France next to the Gigi restaurant in Ramatuelle to offer you cabin treatments at the end of which a 3-minute Lightinderm treatment will be offered to you!

Gigi Espace Wellness 1050 Chemin des Barraques 83350 Ramatuelle[/caption] Discover Holi x Lightinderm treatments in an idyllic setting! A stone's throw from the Gigi restaurant, find the Holidermie spa tents in the wellness area, until September 30. Beauty experts are waiting for you for your Holi treatment of your choice, solo or as a duo! Enjoy a HoliSun treatment to awaken the radiance of your tanned skin, or choose the HoliYouth Signature Treatment to reveal the youthfulness of your skin. The 3-minute Lightinderm protocol at the end of the Holi treatments perfects its effectiveness and regenerates your skin, to offer you a complete facial experience. “ The combination of Lightinderm technology and Holidermie cabin treatments appeared naturally to Mélanie Huynh as it did to me. The 3 minutes of the Lightinderm protocol enrich both the sensory experience and the effectiveness with the calibrated light waves, the photo-active serum and the gestures. » Géraldine Decaux - Founder Lightinderm. Holidermie is an Inside & Out wellness care brand created by Mélanie Huynh, stylist and fashion editor, born from her desire to share her experiences and beauty rituals acquired over 20 years through contact with the best experts. “I dreamed of a line that could act at all levels because I am convinced that only global action can have a visible effect! When you take food supplements for your skin randomly, you never know if it is effective. I wanted an effective synergy between skincare and supplements, as well as impeccable quality of ingredients” Mélanie Huynh – Founder Holidermie

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