Interview Coutant-Foulc

Doctor Docteure Coutant-Foulc is an aesthetic dermatologist in Nantes and shares with us her daughter's Lightinderm experience.

[video poster=" style ="text-align: center;"écr-2023-01-24-à-15.39.40. png" width="400" height="600" mp4=""][/video] “My older daughter, a dental student, has excoriated acne on her face when she works, she scratches her skin. And more than acne, she has scars.  Having handled Lightinderm for several of my patients, I recommended the combination of LEDs, purity serums and repair serums for several weeks. And indeed, I admit that today her skin is transformed.  On the one hand with a refined skin texture, and the scars which have disappeared and for her, a treatment that she experiences as pleasant every day.
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