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Interview with Doctor Noël Schartz

Interview with Doctor Noël Schartz
You are an expert in medical and aesthetic dermatology and today, also a consultant for Lightinderm. How did you come across the brand, what sparked your interest and your support?
One of my Dermatologist colleagues, specialized in low intensity light, invited me to a symposium organized by Lightinderm, in Marseille, during the ADEESSE aesthetic dermatology congress. Honestly, I was pretty skeptical. Photobiomodulation devices, which allow use at home, are not necessarily very effective...They are often under-dosed. But with Lightinderm, on the contrary, I had the excellent surprise of discovering an extremely rigorous scientific approach, which included 3 stages of research, 2 years of in vitro optimization with more than 450 tests to observe the activation of cells and around twenty studies on reconstructed skin. It also demonstrated very interesting results thanks to 5 clinical studies*(3) supported by observations carried out by dermatologists on their patients.
This could only perfectly suit my requirements as a scientist.
What is different and innovative about Lightinderm compared to a classic cosmetic treatment?
The unique combination of three technologies in a single treatment program: regenerating lights, photo-active serums and tissue massages. The limit of traditional cosmetics is the depth of penetration of the product into the skin, which remains very superficial. While Lightinderm's low intensity lights make it possible to reach the deep dermis and act on other types of cells, such as fibroblasts which synthesize collagen. We are still in another world! This deep stimulation is all the more fundamental as the lower layers directly contribute to the quality of the skin's surface. Added to this is the effectiveness of the ingredients contained in the serums photo-activated by lights and tissue massage which also effectively stimulates the cells. Thanks to this triple action, Lightinderm is the only solution with such a level of performance and results, for daily use at home. Can we compare its results to those obtained by aesthetic treatments carried out in a medical environment, such as injections for example? Rather, they are complementary approaches. Botox treats wrinkles caused by muscle contraction due to age. Hyaluronic acid helps fill in lost volumes... All of this is not part of Lightinderm's scope of action. On the other hand, a surgeon will never be able to improve the quality of the skin, nor its radiance, and this is why Lightinderm is an ideal ally.
So you recommend the use of Lightinderm in addition to an aesthetic, medical or surgical procedure?
Absolutely. And it is in our greatest interest, we Dermatologists. A patient who leaves my office will notice that her volumes are filled or that her frown lines have diminished... But if, in addition, she uses Lightinderm on a daily basis, she will also observe that the quality of her skin, its texture and its density improve, its complexion brightens and its skin is more beautiful. And she will be even more satisfied with the result, therefore more faithful! As I always tell my patients, there is no point in having very nice volumes if the quality of the skin is not there, because the result cannot be optimal. To have a really nice result, which remains at its best between two sessions, you have to combine complementary approaches. This is what I recommend.
What are the 3 adjectives that best describe the unique character of the Lightinderm solution?
INNOVATIVE , because this approach goes beyond the limits of cosmetics. SCIENTIFIC , because it provides proof through serious, objective and convincing demonstrations, which is very important for a Dermatologist. EFFECTIVE in terms of results, which is remarkable for a solution used at home.
Is it in our interest to use Lightinderm as soon as possible?
Yes ! The skin loses collagen from the age of 20, so obviously prevention is the best treatment. On young skin, Lightinderm prevents collagen degradation and delays the effects of aging by boosting fibroblasts. The treatment program also acts on the skin's natural repair system, which at any age can be weakened by UV rays. For example, in the Repair program , the blue light emitted by the device activates photolyase, a natural extract of plankton contained in the serum, which accelerates DNA repair.
By reactivating the skin's repair and regeneration mechanisms, can we say that Lightinderm has visible effects on the signs of aging?
The increase in collagen synthesis and density of the dermis are demonstrated and measured by clinical studies. Concerning the signs of aging, there is clearly a before and an after Lightinderm. Moreover, 100% of users confirm that all indicators of aging have decreased and that their skin is visibly smoother*. They add that after 28 days of treatment, it appears more radiant, luminous and plumped*. So yes, we can really talk about visible results on youthful skin.
* Clinical study on 33 women, for 28 days, on the half-face, against a reference smoothing serum
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