Interview with Doctor Rousseaux

You are an expert in aesthetic dermatology and today, you regularly use Lightinderm treatment programs in your practice. Could you tell us more about the use of light therapy in your practice? Light therapy, or photobiomodulation, is a technology that has interested me for a very long time. I also have several light therapy machines in the office, which are on all day to treat different skin problems. Either as a treatment alone or as an accompaniment to another treatment. I think that this technology is, even today, little or poorly known but that it allows us to have very good results, without causing pain.  Does without pain mean that light therapy is less effective? With other techniques, such as laser for example, we will have a thermal impact on the skin which will inevitably cause pain, that is to say the skin will react and be inflammatory. Whereas with LEDs, we will work in the cell, painlessly. However, the results will not be seen immediately... Which explains why some doctors use this technique less. Many of them believe, unfortunately, that pain equals results. LED treatment targets cells and achieves gradual and gentle results. Is Lightinderm a good relay at home for procedures performed in the office? Yes ! Before, we had to bring our patients back for an LED session. Now, thanks to Lightinderm and its triple technology – massages, serums, lights – patients have at their disposal a device to calm the skin and stimulate its regeneration. Should Lightinderm be used only as a relay for in-office procedures or as a treatment in its own right? Lightinderm can be used very well after in-office treatments, but it can also be used on a daily basis, for patients who do not wish to perform more invasive procedures, for example. Have you had any feedback from your patients on Lightinderm? I got very good feedback! Patients like it and, until now, I have never had any negative feedback. What we are often told is that Lightinderm gives a healthy glow and that it is also a real moment for yourself. How do you describe using Lightinderm? I use it daily evening or morning and it's very simple! It only takes 3 minutes. Personally, I use it all over my face, focusing on the forehead and neck. Light is the future! This technology allows you to have very good results, without pain!
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