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I have spots on my skin, what cream should I use?

Many of you complain of having pigment spots. They are easily recognizable: they are small areas of brown skin, darker than your skin tone. To avoid these reactions (symptomatic of areas exposed to the sun), it is possible to use creams. Here is our selection of creams to use to limit the risk of spots appearing.

Anti-brown spot creams: are they really effective?

There are different types of pigment spots:
  • Pregnancy masks;
  • Age-related brown spots that appear on skin exposed to the sun;
  • Acne scars.
In all three cases, the culprit is melanin. It increases on part of your skin and leads to the appearance of brown spots. These can form on the face, but also on areas of skin subject to repeated sun exposure. The sun is not the only factor favoring the appearance of brown spots. Hormones, genetics and aging skin can also lead to the formation of brown spots. Fortunately, there are effective solutions to limit the formation or darkening of skin spots. And the first reflex is obvious: use effective sun protection adapted to your skin! To this sun protection, add creams designed for the treatment of brown spots and you may be able to find skin without any blemishes!

Vinoperfect Anti-Dark Spot Glycolic Night Cream from Caudalie

Apply this treatment to your skin before bed. When you wake up, the color of your skin will be more radiant. As the days go by, you should notice the reduction of your brown spots and find a more unified face. For a stronger action against pigment spots, use these products as a mask. These treatments are suitable for sensitive skin.

Protect yourself from the sun with Eucerin Anti-Pigment Day Care SPF 30

The ingredients in this treatment act directly on hyperpigmentation and help reduce the production of melanin, the main cause of the formation of pigment spots, sometimes called age spots. The sophisticated formula of these treatments reduces the surface area of ​​pigment spots and prevents the appearance of spots. Its strong point: it protects the skin from sun damage and therefore allows safer exposure of the skin to the sun. Be careful, exposure to the sun requires your greatest vigilance. Monitor the appearance of any moles and in case of pulsed light treatment, remove all exposure to the sun.

Avène’s D-Pigment Light treatments, to be used at any age

These products are made up of three active ingredients which act against the appearance of any brown spots! This cream also reduces the production of melanin. The combined action of these three active ingredients slows down the appearance of spots and the accentuation of already existing skin spots. Thanks to the Avène thermal water present in these treatments, your face regains its uniqueness and luminosity. Pigmentary imperfections are reduced over the days. This treatment is not recommended for pregnant women and does not constitute prevention against skin cancer.

Le Trio A – Intensive depigmenting treatment from Noreva Laboratoires

These products include a formula specially designed to reduce the color and extent of age spots and dark spots. Melanin synthesis is blocked by licorice extract. Cells loaded with melanin are better eliminated by the synergy of the different components of the products. In addition to treating spots, this cream restores firmness and hydration to your skin. If you have brown spots on your face, neckline and hands, this treatment is ideal! Good to know: it does not constitute sun protection. When exposed to the sun, apply a suitable sunscreen.

Fight against brown spots on the skin using light

The Brightening program helps your skin regain its original color. Thanks to the combined action of the serum capsule, light therapy and tissue massage, age spots and brown spots linked to sun exposure are reduced. Day after day, the treatment helps you gently get rid of your hyperpigmentation. Your face regains an unified complexion, whatever your age. Note that in addition to fighting brown spots, our Brightening program also helps reduce pink spots linked to acne. Unlike laser, light therapy does not harm your skin. It is not necessary to protect your eyes with glasses to use our program against pigment defects. It's not aesthetic medicine, it's much more innovative than that! These treatments are to be carried out at home, with the guarantee of removing the different types of stains.
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