Photolyase: an enzyme that works miracles


Photolyase is an enzyme that is relatively unknown to the general public, yet deserves all the attention in the world. In fact, this enzyme has impressive properties that are interesting to know.

What is photolyase?

Photolyase is an enzyme found in cyanobacteria. These are microorganisms or bacteria that develop in terrestrial and aquatic environments. They are also called “blue-green algae”.  These bacteria are, like plants, photosynthetic since they create their metabolic energy using natural sunlight. To capture the latter they use pigments such as phycocyanins, blue-green in color, or chlorophyll, green in color.  Within these cyanobacteria we find Anacystis Nidulans , a microalgae with powers unusual. This microalgae is composed of a photo-activatable molecule, photolyase, which is capable of obtaining numerous benefits from light radiation.  

The powers of photolyase

Photolyase uses sunlight to repair the harmful effects of ultraviolet light.  But how does she do it?  First of all, we must remember that light is not white, contrary to what one might think. In reality, it is made up of all the lights of the rainbow, this is what we call the light spectrum. Thus, photolyase uses the blue part of the spectrum to repair the damage created by UV rays on DNA.  When we expose ourselves to the sun, UV rays pass through our skin and reach our DNA. DNA is the carrier of our genetic information. It is represented in the form of long strips of nucleotides, organic molecules, folded into double helices. It is the reading of this genetic information that allows proper cellular functioning.  Thus, UV rays will create abnormal bonds between nucleotides and will modify the structure of the DNA, preventing its correct reading. This DNA modification is the cause of sunburn, but also more serious skin problems such as cancer. These modifications inside the skin cells induce deterioration of the dermis and accelerate skin aging. The body can repair this damage on its own, but this process takes time.  Photolyase, thanks to light energy, will attach to the damaged parts of the DNA and will undo the abnormal bonds that had formed, and will subsequently accelerate DNA repair.  The Lightinderm scientific team was won over by the powers of this enzyme. This is why we find it in the REPAIR program. In addition to its overall anti-aging action, this treatment program is the solution to regenerating your skin, at any age. Activated using the blue light of the device, photolyase will repair cellular damage caused by UV. The cells will then self-repair and accelerate their regeneration. The action of photolyase will also considerably slow premature skin aging. 
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