The solution to dull and uneven complexions: The Brightening program


Grayish complexion, lack of radiance and hyperpigmentation spots: these are all the characteristics of a dull and uneven complexion. But why do we have dull complexions? What is a dull complexion? And how to fix it?

Dull and uneven complexion is a phenomenon that can affect everyone, of any age. It can be caused by different factors, internal and external, which will make the skin less well oxygenated internally or less smooth and luminous on the surface. The natural cycle of skin cell renewal is an essential process for the skin which lasts 28 days. When skin cells migrate to the surface, they become dead cells which accumulate and thus form the skin's protective barrier, essential for its proper hydration. Then, these cells will, naturally, detach to make way for new cells, which allows the skin to remain protected, hydrated, healthy and maintain a smooth appearance, this is what we call flaking. Melanin provides natural color to the skin. It is produced by specialized cells, melanocytes, located in the basal layer of the skin and then rises to the surface to be eliminated by the same desquamation process. Microcirculation also helps keep the skin healthy, since the blood will provide oxygen and everything the skin cells need to live and renew themselves. However, factors can hinder this process.
  • Pollution

Micropolluting particles, often emitted by exhaust gases, present in the air are harmful to the skin, and to our health in general. These microparticles can be deposited on your face, and will mix with makeup, sebum, sweat and other impurities. Microparticles tend to accumulate in pores and can cause oxidation and even trigger inflammation. The skin then becomes drier and rougher. The skin, suffocating and weakened, will then become dull, and in the long term hyperpigmentation spots will develop.
  • Lifestyle

An unbalanced diet (rich in sugars, fats and low in vegetables/fruits), smoking, alcohol consumption and lack of sleep are also responsible for uneven skin tone and lack of radiance. Tobacco and alcohol are pro-inflammatory and toxic to our body and our skin. Essential vitamins and minerals are found in fruits and vegetables, so if their consumption is too low, the skin will not be able to receive the nutrients necessary for its health and will become dull.
  • Stress

When we are stressed, the hormone cortisol is released excessively into the blood, which interferes with the body's usual functioning and its immunity. Stress uses up a lot of energy and reduces the skin's ability to repair itself. Thus, our skin is weakened and vulnerable to all external and internal attacks, such as pollution or stress. So the more we stress, the more fragile our skin is, the more we are exposed to stress. It's a vicious circle. The skin then appears more tired, less well oxygenated and lacking radiance.
  • Sun exposure

UV rays, responsible for premature skin aging, can cause uneven skin tone. Indeed, during exposure to the sun, melanin, the pigment responsible for skin coloring, is produced in order to protect our skin from these rays. However, during prolonged exposure and overstimulated by damaged cells, melanin will be produced excessively and irregularly, brown spots will appear on the skin. To eliminate this problem, a simple and effective routine is recommended. Before applying your treatments, it is essential to remove makeup and clean your skin. Indeed, makeup residue, impurities accumulated throughout the day and pollution clog the skin. Daily cleansing, morning and evening, is therefore essential to eliminate these impurities. In addition, it is at night that the skin regenerates, so we must leave it clean and clear, and provide it with the care it needs. In order to eliminate dead cells accumulated in the epidermis, use an exfoliant, mechanical (with small grains) or chemical (often based on fruit acid or enzymes) at a rate of 1 to 2 times per week. week is important to make room for new cells and obtain a brighter, smoother and more even complexion. To treat this problem in depth and over the long term, Lightinderm has designed the BRIGHTENING treatment program for dull and uneven skin. The triple stimulation of the skin thanks to 3 Lightinderm technologies – light, photo-active serum, tissue massage – allows it to act effectively and in depth to even out and illuminate the complexion while reviving the skin's radiance. In addition to Niacinamide, an active ingredient present in all our programs (see Niacinamide article) , our BRIGHTENING serum is composed of Vitamin C and Andrographis, two ingredients with uniforming properties. Vitamin C participates in the creation of collagen in the body, a protein essential for the formation of skin tissues, and also has an anti-oxidant action, which helps fight against cell aging and reduces the activity of the skin. tyrosinase, enzyme responsible for pigmentation. Andrographis, a plant from the Acanthaceae family, inhibits pro-melanogenic factors and effectively regulates melanin production. We combine these two ingredients with green light to increase their effects tenfold. The effectiveness of the combinations of [Andrographis and Vitamin C + green light] and [ Niacinamide + red and infrared light] has been clinically proven*:
  • 100% of women notice that their complexion is more even
  • 90% of women notice that their complexion is more even and their skin is clearer
  • 90% of women note that the BRIGHTENING program revives the radiance of the complexion
*Clinical study carried out on 21 women for 24 days. Daily application of the BRIGHTENING care program.
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