Salicylic acid: the essential for anti-imperfection care

Salicylic acid is an active ingredient known to treat acne-related imperfections. Nowadays, very common in cosmetics and anti-pimple, anti-shine and pore-reducing treatments, it has nevertheless been used since Antiquity for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties!

But how does it act on our skin? What makes it so effective?  Does salicylic acid have other benefits?   

What is salicylic acid?

Salicylic acid is a BHA, beta-hydroxy acid, which comes from the bark of willow, a tree in the Salicaceae family, hence its name. Willow bark was used by humans, more than 6000 years ago, to treat calluses and warts but also to soothe pain, particularly pain related to childbirth, and inflammation. It was in 1828 that the pharmacologist Johann Andreas Buchner extracted salicylic acid from willow bark. It is also the acetylated form of this acid, acetylsalicylic acid which will be at the origin, a few scientific advances later, of aspirin, the patent for which was filed in 1899 by the Bayer company.  This ingredient is also found in many fruits and vegetables that we eat such as tomatoes, melon, apricots, broccoli, almonds and grapes.   

What are the effects of salicylic acid on the skin?

This organic compound is mainly used for its keratolytic properties. This ingredient acts as a gentle exfoliant and helps to remove dead cells from the surface of the skin and allows the latter to regenerate more quickly. This ingredient, applied as a serum and/or cream, is particularly prescribed in cases of flaking, or in cases of psoriasis, and even to treat dandruff problems. Accelerated cell renewal thus ensures a brighter complexion, smoother skin and also helps reduce hyperpigmentation spots.  This active ingredient is especially well known for treating acne. Its anti-inflammatory action will calm the inflammation of the follicle, responsible for the appearance of comedones, and will thus calm their appearance but also calm the sensitivity of papules and nodules which tend to be very painful. Its antiseptic action also regulates the development of bacteria on the skin and slows the proliferation of the bacteria responsible for acne breakouts: Propionibacterium acnes. In addition, salicylic acid, which acts as an exfoliant, helps prevent pore clogging, a process that leads to the formation of blackheads and therefore acne.  You will have understood, this ingredient is your anti-imperfection ally!   

The flagship ingredient of Lightinderm's PURITY program

Lightinderm has chosen to integrate salicylic acid into its PURITY program to ensure an effective reduction of imperfections: closed or open comedones, scars or excess sebum. Coupled with the antibacterial properties of blue light, the benefits of salicylic acid are increased tenfold. After 4 weeks of using the program, imperfections are corrected, the skin is purified and mattified and the pores are tightened. *  *Clinical study with expert evaluation and satisfaction test carried out on 32 women over 28 days. 
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