Adult acne: how to explain this phenomenon?

Yes, pimples can occur after puberty, during adulthood! In fact, 25% of adults suffer from acne. But how can we explain these “late” acne breakouts? How to get rid of this adult acne?


Adult acne, what is it?

Adult acne mainly affects women. 25 to 40% of women over 25 have problems with imperfections. Most of them are women who did not experience acne during their adolescence. Women are more affected than men due to hormonal influence. These hormones in fact give rhythm to women's lives, with the menstrual period but especially during the premenstrual period, where the production of male hormones, androgens, goes into overdrive and causes an imbalance, which leads to the appearance of spots. . Acne in adult women is characterized by pimples located on the lower face: the cheeks, jaws, chin and sometimes even the neck.   Most of the time, adult acne is not caused by too much sebum production but rather by hormones or diet. Consuming foods that are too fatty and too sweet encourages the appearance of pimples since the bacteria responsible for acne feeds on sugar and fat, so the more fatty and sweet we eat, the more the bacteria proliferates and therefore the more pimples appear. Tobacco can also promote the appearance of acne in adults. 41% of smokers suffer from acne compared to only 9% of non-smokers. Stress is often the cause of acne breakouts. Indeed, it causes the secretion of cortisol and again androgen, which creates imbalances and consequently the appearance of spots.  

How to treat it?

First of all, it is essential to review your lifestyle. Eating a balanced diet as often as possible and reducing tobacco consumption can be a first step. It is also important to adapt your skincare routine by using gentle cleansers that are not too harsh, otherwise you risk causing the opposite effect. Using cleansers or exfoliants that are too abrasive causes micro-lesions on the skin, where bacteria infiltrate and proliferate, eventually causing more breakouts. Use gentle, non-drying cleansers and exfoliants and above all, don't forget the hydration step with a light, non-greasy cream.   You can treat your imperfections locally with creams or serum based on salicylic acid (see article) or zinc, which, thanks to their anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and cleansing properties, will accelerate the disappearance of spots.   You can also choose the PURITY program , which will effectively and quickly reduce your imperfections, making your skin matte, smoother and younger.   Adult acne should be taken seriously, just like acne that occurs during adolescence. It is important to take the necessary measures to care for your skin. If your acne persists, the advice of a dermatologist is always recommended!      
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