Lifting Cosmétique

Cosmetic facelift, an alternative to surgery

Cosmetic surgery makes great anti-aging promises. And there is something for everyone: firmed facial oval, reduced wrinkles and fine lines, radiant complexion... But to have the “lifted skin” effect, it is not essential to go on the operating table. The cosmetic facelift also fights against the effects of age, and is gradually establishing itself as one of the best alternatives against sagging skin due to age.

Cosmetic facelift: what actions?

We all face the signs of aging one day or another. Our collagen production decreases and the facial skin relaxes. Fortunately, the field of cosmetics provides many solutions to people who want to take care of themselves and obtain the “lifted skin” effect without resorting to cosmetic surgery. Beauty products and other skincare methods do much more than tighten the skin or make the skin soft. They also have a plumping action, participate in the regeneration of the skin (both on the face and neck) and smooth wrinkles. These actions combined together allow effective treatment of wrinkles and fine lines and maintain the harmony of the face. The treatments fill in the furrows and make the complexion appear radiant.

The plumper effect for the treatment of wrinkles

IF you don't like the visual appearance of wrinkles, there is little chance that you will prefer that of hyper-tense skin on very marked bones. To combat the effects of aging, it is therefore essential to act on collagen and elastin at the same time. Plumping acts on collagens I, III and IV, laminins, boosts the production of hyaluronic acid… It helps to protect against sagging skin by giving energy to your cells so that they increase on their own. production and quality of elastic fibers. Apply your cream to the area of ​​your face that needs it most. Even if the wrinkles are more discreet on the chin, massage it with a dab of cream. A little “lift” effect can’t hurt when the entire face receives anti-aging care.

Facial treatments that regenerate

Many modern techniques focus on sagging facial skin and combat it by stimulating the skin's natural youthful factors. Dermatologists use mesotherapy (discussed later in this article) and autologous plasma injections a lot. How does plasma help fight signs of skin aging? All you have to do is take a blood sample, centrifuge and extract the blood cells. Your plasma remains in the tube. This contains lots of platelets and revitalizing growth factors. Mixed together, these two elements boost skin cells. As effective as hyaluronic acid injections, and still without the drawbacks of medicine! Note that the neck and décolleté can also receive these facial treatments to “rejuvenate”.

Mesotherapy to plump up your face

This aesthetic treatment consists of numerous small injections, made over the entire face. Effective formulas with hyaluronic acid, vitamins, antioxidant minerals and nutrients help slow and prevent sagging skin. For optimal results, it is recommended to do 5 sessions. The first three sessions give a real boost to the skin's natural mechanisms and therefore constitute a popular treatment for facial skin. The last sessions aim to repair the damage caused by sagging skin (fine lines and wrinkles, dull complexion, etc.). Thanks to this treatment, your skin benefits from a real lifting effect. Your skin is radiant and well hydrated. This facial treatment costs between €120 and €200 per session.

Thermage to combat the effects of aging

Thermage is a mono-polar radiofrequency device that allows you to have lifted skin without having to go through cosmetic surgery. Electro-magnetic waves deeply treat the skin on your face. Visually, it's as if your skin has had a facelift. It is through very localized heat in different places on your face that thermage acts on the deep dermis. Only one session is necessary for a gradual effect on wrinkles and sagging skin. In fact, it acts directly on the collagen fibers: they contract and tighten the facial skin. The signs of aging are reduced, or even completely eliminated (relatively speaking, of course). If a lifting serum takes time to show its benefits, it is the same with thermage.
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