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Tissue massage: a revolution?

Shiatsu, Ayurvedic massage, lymphatic drainage… we understand, massage in all its forms is very trendy today! But why so much enthusiasm around this concept? And above all, is it really effective?

Massage is arguably the oldest of therapies and has been used throughout history. Depending on the region of the world, it takes different forms: shiatsu massage in Japan, Thai massage in Thailand, Swedish massage or even Ayurvedic massage in India, and many others. Nowadays, other types of massage are on the rise, such as lymphatic drainage. It allows us to evacuate excess lymph, a liquid circulating in our vessels that can accumulate in certain areas of the body, in order to drain fat. At Lightinderm, we understand the value of massage and consider tissue massage to be an integral part of our treatment programs.

What is tissue massage?

Tissue massage consists of exerting firm pressure and performing slow movements on specific areas: the facial muscles, to reach the deep layers of the skin and the fascia, the connective tissue surrounding the muscles. This massage technique is based on mechanotransduction . This term comes from the English mechanotransduction , and is defined as a biological phenomenon in which mechanical stresses applied to cells are translated into chemical signals leading to adaptive responses.

The use of tissue massage on the face: the example of Lightinderm technology

At Lightinderm, tissue massage is part of our treatment programs. Its action on the muscles perfectly complements the energetic and biological stimulation of our regenerating lights associated with our photo-active serums. Our 4 treatment programs each have their own specific procedures depending on the skin issues to be treated. Developed by facial therapist and manual lifting expert Chantal Lehmann, they are achieved using the glass ball of the capsules. This massage will exert mechanical pressure, and will energize the extracellular matrix, a set of molecules located outside the cells present in the tissues, to remodel the skin and promote the production and organization of collagen isotypes into a mesh. solid intercellular. The skin is denser and firmer. The massage also improves microcirculation, inducing the supply of nutrients and oxygen for a more radiant complexion.
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