The Paradox of Light - Episode 1

Do you know why the sky is blue? And where do the colors of the rainbow come from? It's all about light! White light perceived by the human eye is much more complex than it seems... In reality it is made up of all the colors of the rainbow... Light is made up of fine particles, photons, which are grouped in wavelength according to their energy level. The human eye is only sensitive to part of the spectrum of light, this is called the visible spectrum. You should probably already know the wavelengths not perceived by the eye: Ultraviolet and Infrared. But the light has not finished surprising you... Do you know the paradox of light? We all know that the sun's rays, more precisely UV rays, have negative effects on our skin and that we must protect ourselves when exposed to the sun at the risk of accelerating the aging of the skin and even developing a skin cancer. However, there are therapeutic dermatological treatments that also use light for its beneficial properties: soothing and anti-inflammatory. But then how can we explain this ambivalence? And what are the benefits of these lights? Our expert Cyprien Guermonprez, Research and Development manager at Lightinderm, reveals all the secrets of light to you in the first episode of our first web series broadcast on our YouTube channel! Every month, you will be able to learn a little more about the very complex subject of light and its effects on our skin and our body. The Lightinderm team invites you to our YouTube channel!
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