The 7 Best Serums to Reduce Enlarged Pores

Pores are the tiny openings located on the skin of the face. They allow our epidermis to breathe and wick away perspiration and sebum. Sometimes this orifice becomes blocked and becomes more visible. This is where we talk about enlarged pores. Here is our selection of serums and creams to tighten pores.

The importance of adopting specific care for enlarged pores

Combination and oily skin often has enlarged pores on the forehead, nose and chin. The dilation of pores leaves room for impurities. Blackheads and blemishes appear. It is not possible to make pores “disappear”, even if some celebrity photos may suggest otherwise! On the other hand, it is important to use suitable products (mask, oil or even serum). Many treatments address this problem:
  • The facial cleanser;
  • The tonic lotion;
  • The serum;
  • Cream ;
  • The scrub;
  • The purifying mask.

Tighten your enlarged pores with the Cosmence Pore-Minimizer

This treatment helps you regain uniform skin and unclogs your congested pores. Give it 21 days to give you baby skin free of imperfections. Your face regains its natural glow. Very sensitive skin types will note the presence of LHA, which can temporarily cause redness on the face. This treatment is sold at the price of €24.90 for 40 ml.

Find uniform skin with Lightinderm

The stars might envy your device! In addition to its feminine and modern look, it pampers your skin and your pores. The Purity program purifies your skin and reduces imperfections thanks to a unique mix of light therapy and serum, administered by massaging your skin. Your acne is also under control! Our technology is suitable for sensitive skin. Discover a new way to maintain your beauty with our device and 3 capsules at the price of €319.90.

Find beautiful skin texture with Clinique treatment

This cream for enlarged pores helps fight against skin sagging, dehydration and inflammation. In around ten days, this cream will tighten pores and give you more even skin. A real beauty treatment that addresses the causes of your enlarged pores! These treatments are sold at the price of €49 for 30 ml.

Reduce the appearance of pores with Benefit products

Your skin can say goodbye to its imperfections and regain all its beauty thanks to Benefit. Its balm texture is incomparably light on your face. The skin is instantly freed from the “open pore” effect and your complexion is evened out. All skin becomes soft and velvety again. Our opinion: it is more about surface care than a real “treatment” aimed at removing blackheads from pores. The large quantity of silicones can cause the appearance of pimples on certain skins. These “treatments” for enlarged pores are sold at the price of €59.90 for 44 ml.

Pamper your skin's pores with The Body Shop

You can tighten enlarged pores and reduce the risk of excessive shine with the combined action of tea tree oil and mineral powders. This beauty treatment ensures the dullness of your skin. Your skin texture and its pores are refined for the first, and reduced for the second. If you have combination skin, this treatment is ideal for you. And in addition to tightening your pores, this treatment envelops you with a sweet and ephemeral plant scent. Say goodbye to enlarged pores! This treatment is sold at the price of €11.50 for 50 ml.

Tighten your pores effectively with Algenist

This treatment evens out the pores of combination and oily skin and smoothes rough areas. Its formula “blurred” enlarged pores upon application. You regain beautiful elasticity after around 15 days of treatment. Not all skin types will be able to afford this product: it is sold at a price of €69 for 30 ml.

Treat combination and oily skin with Sebiaclear

Combination and oily skin needs a sebum or oil that provides long-term effects. The pores of your skin have finally found the solution they need with this cream. After a few days, excess sebum is evacuated, you see your pores tighten and your skin becomes smoother. Find this treatment at the price of €6.80.

A mask that is tough on serum and pores at Eggpore

Pamper your combination or oily skin with this purifying mask inspired by Korean beauty rituals. As fresh as a cleansing oil, it melts into your skin. It acts on the skin and pores by reducing them thanks to its mixture of natural ingredients. Find this treatment at the price of €14.90.

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