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Our selection of creams and anti-blemish facial products

Blemishes, acne, excess sebum and blackheads mar your beauty. You would like to find beautiful, unified skin. Many beauty products can help you do this while taking care of and respecting your skin. We searched the web looking for the product and cream that will make your pimples disappear in a lasting way. Whether you like to make a mask, apply a gel or dilute your serum with your usual cream, you will definitely find what you are looking for among our selection of products!

Avène Comedomed anti-blemish treatment

Many anti-blemish treatments limit the risk of bacteria proliferation on the skin. This Avène facial treatment limits the appearance of spots for clearer skin. This treatment attacks the visible stage of pimples and blackheads. These anti-mark treatments limit the formation of brown or red spots due to acne. This anti-blemish product promises prettier skin after 8 days of use. In 2 months, 45% of pimples and blackheads will have disappeared. This product has an aqueous gel texture, which the skin absorbs quickly.

Effaclar Duo + anti-blemish treatment from La Roche Posay

If you're looking for an anti-blemish treatment that doesn't give acne or blemishes a chance, you've probably just found it! This product has been specially designed to help oily, acne-prone skin. These anti-imperfection products concentrate their action on the residual traces left by acne spots. Pimples and blackheads don't stand a chance! The skin regenerates more easily. Over time, this anti-imperfection treatment allows you to regain a healthier face. This moisturizer can be used morning and evening. Presented in gel form, it is suitable for combination and oily skin and can be used as a base for your makeup.

Sebium H20 micellar water from Bioderma

This makeup remover water is the first specially designed for combination or oily skin. It reduces excess sebum and cleanses your skin. Sensitive skin is respected thanks to a composition identical to that of the skin. This facial treatment is formulated and manufactured in France.

A-Derma Phys-Ac Global anti-blemish treatment

This anti-imperfection treatment is the answer your acne-prone skin has been waiting for. This facial treatment is a formidable anti-blackhead. It regulates excess sebum, exfoliates and unclogs pores. This anti-blemish treatment limits the proliferation of the Propionibacterium acnes bacteria, responsible for your acne. The combination of salicylic, glycolic and lactic acids provides a gentle peel for your face and promotes the renewal of your epidermis. Your acne-prone skin benefits from real moisturizing care. This anti-blemish treatment frees you from your imperfection problems in the long term. Your face regains all its radiance. The sweet smell of this brand's anti-blemish treatments makes them very pleasant to apply. You can use it as a base for your makeup.

Vichy’s anti-imperfection corrective treatment

These anti-blemish treatments are enriched with salicylic acid. It acts as a real moisturizer and is perfect for combination and oily skin. Salicylic acid is extracted from black willow bark. It has a real peeling effect on acne-prone skin. Combination skin regains a fresh complexion and sees its pigment defects reduced. These anti-sebum treatments blur pores and give you back your legendary radiance! Finally, this product acts as a very effective anti-marks. It mattifies your skin and reduces the risk of pimples and blackheads forming. Formulated without paraben, these anti-blemish treatments are suitable even for sensitive skin.

One of the best products against imperfections, enlarged pores and excessive shine: light

The Purity program is presented as a rebalancing and anti-imperfection treatment which combines 3 innovative technologies:
•Light therapy;
•Serum capsules;
•Tissue massage.
These three actions combined help sensitive, combination and oily skin say goodbye to their acne tendency and damaged skin.
The results prove it:
•An anti-imperfection and care action guaranteed at 94%;
•81% purified skin;
•81% smoother skin.
This innovative device acts as a real anti-imperfection treatment. Its little extra? Its anti-aging effect gives you smoother skin with use.
Our anti-acne program offers you a gentle blue light and a serum containing salicylic acid. These two “components” act in symbiosis, and guarantee superior results to your usual cream. Breakouts disappear faster and your pores are tightened.
Your acne-prone skin has finally found the effective and respectful treatment it has been waiting for!
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