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Normal to combination skin: the ideal routine to take care of your skin

With combination skin, you face a specific challenge that is well known to women. This oily and dry skin at the same time requires finding a suitable product. So, it's time to understand how to hydrate and balance your skin to achieve optimal comfortable feeling on your face. There are specific skincare products and routines that will pamper both oily and dry skin. Together, let's discover the secrets of care suitable for combination skin!

What is combination skin?

Combination skin is a skin type that is both oily and dry. It has oily areas on the forehead, nose and chin while the facial skin is dry on the cheeks. Furthermore, pores are often dilated and a certain shine is visible on certain areas of the face. It's not easy to find a successful beauty routine and effective products! Combination skin occurs when sebum production is excessive in certain areas (forehead, nose and chin). It is important to understand this skin type in order to choose the right products to maintain its beauty. The same if you are looking for a cleansing product that respects your delicate skin. If your skin type is giving you trouble, be aware that external factors, such as the sun or wind, but also internal factors, such as diet and stress, can influence skin type. And transform normal skin into normal combination skin, or generate excess sebum.

Products to take care of combination skin

There are products suitable for combination skin that help limit sebum production. A moisturizer deeply nourishes areas of dry skin while controlling excess oil. A moisturizer rich in vitamins A, C and E will provide protection against free radicals that damage the skin structure of normal skin, normal combination skin and oily combination skin. A gentle face mask based on white clay helps regulate excess sebum without irritating or drying dehydrated areas. It is therefore a must-have in your beauty routine!

Beauty routine suitable for combination skin

Every day, morning and evening, take care of your skin before applying your skincare product. To do this, use a cleansing product suitable for the care of your skin. This helps eliminate impurities accumulated during the day. This limits the risk of blackheads appearing. A cleansing gel is often preferable to a classic soap to pamper your face and its sensitized skin. Then apply an alcohol-free toning lotion to gently purify and balance the natural pH of your normal or combination skin. A mineral powder reduces the shine on your face (especially around the forehead and nose) without hiding your naturally luminous complexion. Then, apply non-comedogenic combination skin creams to protect the skin barrier during the day. You can also choose an antioxidant-rich treatment or cream when you sleep. This will act as a night cream and normal skin can benefit from the benefits of your sleep!

The 2 common mistakes of normal to combination skin

1. Using a product that is too drying on oily areas: you may be tempted to use products that aim to reduce sebum production on oily areas, but this can lead to excessive drying of these areas and an imbalance of hydration of the skin. It is best to use moisturizing and nourishing products that help rebalance sebum production. 2. Applying too many products: Normal combination skin may need different products for different areas of the face. It's important not to overload your skin by using too many products. They can clog pores and cause blemishes.

Maintain your combination skin with the Purity program

Both dry and oily skin are entitled to appropriate care. If you are looking for an atypical and effective treatment for combination skin, the Purity program is undoubtedly an option to consider. Its triple action (massage, light and serum) ensures visible results in two weeks. The women who trusted us were able to notice fresher skin (for 94% of them) and purified skin (for 81% of them). Combination skin with a tendency to be oily will see its pores tightened and its imperfections blurred. As a bonus, for those who are concerned about the effects of aging on their face and skin, Purity also works against fine lines and wrinkles.
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