Which anti-wrinkle device to buy?

To take care of your skin and fight against your wrinkles, you often go to see your beautician. Or spend a fortune on beauty or collagen cosmetics. Have you ever thought about the benefits that an anti-wrinkle device could bring to your face? This somewhat special facial treatment should be chosen with care!
Here are our tips for choosing the technology best suited to the results you want to obtain.
Choose your device based on the technology used
Each anti-wrinkle beauty device has its own anti-aging technology (or almost). Not all of them are effective in combating facial wrinkles. Here are those that guarantee you a result equivalent to what is offered in a beauty institute:
  • Light therapy: this technology is based on colored LEDs. They send light waves to areas of skin. Red light, for example, can treat wrinkles. It stimulates blood microcirculation in your face, rids it of toxins, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and boosts collagen production.
  • Ultrasound: sound probes stimulate the tone of your skin. Ultrasound devices fight wrinkles effectively.
  • Electrostimulation: electrodes send small electroshocks into your skin. It's a bit like your face doing its daily exercise! Wrinkles and fine lines are reduced in the long term.
  • Oxygenation: your device penetrates oxygen under your skin and promotes cell regeneration. Your collagen production increases. Your wrinkles are reduced.
  • Thermal energy: by alternating hot and cold, your beauty device improves the oxygenation of the epidermis. You produce more collagen. Your wrinkles are less visible.
  • •The ionizing function: your anti-aging device sends negative ions into your epidermis. This promotes greater collagen production and reduces your wrinkles.
➡️The Newa device takes care of your beauty. He fights against the effects of age.
Its use is not limited to the face: you can use it as an anti-aging action on your neck. The results are clinically proven. Fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced after 4 weeks of treatment. Do not bring the device too close to your eyes.
What ergonomics for your anti-aging device?
To take care of yourself in the long term, it is important that your anti-wrinkle device is easy to use. Therefore, choose a device with an ergonomic shape for your care.
If you massage your face with your device, make sure you do not have any joint pain. Unfortunately, not all anti-wrinkle devices are designed to be lightweight! It would also be nice if it adapts to the shape of your face. Choose a wireless anti-aging device. It will be much easier to treat all areas of the facial skin!
➡️The Sunmay anti-aging device makes facial care easier. This product sends negative and positive ions under the epidermis for a real anti-aging action. It fits very easily into your daily beauty routine. Its anti-wrinkle and aging action is visible. Extend its use to better absorption of your moisturizing creams thanks to its massage function.
The level of performance and security of your device.
When you buy this type of device, you want to get quality results quickly. We don't joke about its beauty! If you treat yourself to an anti-aging device for your facial care, know that it will take several weeks before you see results.
Whatever technology you choose, remember that anti-aging devices do not cause any pain. If your facial treatment becomes a hassle, stop using this device immediately. Choose a more suitable treatment.
Yes, there are other solutions before the facelift!
➡️The Slendertone anti-wrinkle device. These anti-wrinkle devices use muscle electrostimulation. This facial and anti-aging treatment gently tones the facial muscles. Clinically proven, results are visible from 12 weeks.
This device offers 2 programs: Lifting and Radiance.
Lightinderm treatment devices: technology serving results
Lightinderm's anti-wrinkle facial devices are not like any other device. They combine 3 technologies to offer your skin and face one of the most effective and innovative anti-wrinkle treatments. The effect is beneficial to all skin types.
The Repair program combines tissue massage, anti-aging facial serum and light.
Thanks to the massage of your face with this unique device, you obtain 3x more results than with a classic serum on the reduction of wrinkles on your face.
This skin treatment gives you 100% smoother skin. Anti-aging actions make your wrinkles 97% less visible thanks to its light.
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