What facial treatment for sensitive skin?

Today, more and more people suffer from sensitive skin. Care for sensitive skin is an essential step in relieving irritation and redness. The goal: to maintain the skin balance of sensitive skin and protect the skin from external aggressions. In this article, let's find out together which cosmetic products are suitable for this skin type and which ingredients should be included in your routine for sensitive skin.

What treatments are suitable for sensitive skin?

Sensitive and reactive skin requires special attention and appropriate care to protect and soothe it quickly. Furthermore, any beauty routine starts with a treatment adapted to the needs of your face.
Many brands have a wide choice of products that treat skin prone to redness. Some are also developing transparent facial care products adapted to this skin type.
The first thing to do is find out whether you have sensitive skin or not. The characteristic signs are redness, skin irritation, tightness, burning sensation or a dull glow. If your skin is prone to such symptoms, it is important to use products designed specifically for sensitive skin. Your usual moisturizer may not be enough to take care of your skin.
We advise you to avoid cosmetic products that contain irritating and stripping ingredients such as soap, alcohol, salicylic acid or dyes. It is important that the formulation you apply to your face is gentle. This way, your treatment has a better chance of acting as a real soothing and hydrating treatment. Dry skin will love this treatment!

Essential ingredients in care for sensitive skin

Natural oils, balms and botanical extracts should be the foundation of care for skin prone to redness and sensitive and reactive skin. These formulas rich in active ingredients soften the skin and provide it with their dose of moisturizing care. This treatment for sensitive skin visibly reduces redness and irritation. Once you have found your moisturizing and soothing treatment, in the form of an oil, serum or balm, add it to your daily beauty routine.

For facial care, and even more so for facial care with sensitive skin, do not hesitate to use organic products.

To complete your daily hydration treatments, integrate hyaluronic acids, vitamins A, C & E into your beauty routine. These ingredients deeply nourish sensitive skin. This product significantly reduces the impact of aggressive environmental factors on the delicate skin of the face.

Complete beauty routine specifically designed for dry skin

•Use a mild cleaning product without soap or alcohol.

•Use micellar water specially formulated for the care of sensitive skin. •Apply light, non-comedogenic products whose pH is as close as possible to the naturally balanced pH of your skin.

•Enriched with vitamins A, C & E, a serum designed for sensitive facial skin will stimulate antioxidant mechanisms and reduce the skin's sensitivity to redness and irritation.

•Alternate your moisturizing and soothing mask with sensitive skin face masks.

How to increase the protective barrier of sensitive skin against the sun?

Every day, your sensitive skin is exposed to harmful UVA and UVB rays which can damage the face and skin and cause excessive oil secretion and redness.

Sun protection is therefore essential to preserve the skin, particularly during the summer months. Use a protective product suited to your skin type: a sunscreen with high UVA/UVB protection and moderate moisturizing.

Caring for sensitive skin: the Lightinderm triple action

Facial care is always delicate. Not all skin types have the same needs, a moisturizer can be effective for sensitive facial skin and irritate another,...
Caring for sensitive skin requires innovative products that solve all your inconveniences. The Redness program works even more effectively than a major brand moisturizer, balm, serum or oil. And all skin types can be found there!
Our treatments for sensitive skin have already won the approval of our customers:
•94% find the program soothing, with a reduction in tingling sensations;
•84% find that this routine for sensitive skin gives them less reactive and less sensitive skin;
•72% find that redness on their face and skin is less visible.
Soothe the sensitivity of your skin with a program combining light therapy, serum with a clean composition and tissue massage. 3 minutes more happiness per day !
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