What anti-spot products should be applied to the face?

Every woman has her favorite beauty products to look her best. Whether it is treatment to combat brown spots, combat the effects of aging or pamper your skin at night, opinions differ and it is often difficult to find your way. To help you fight against pigmentary imperfections, here is our selection.

Anti Pigment day care SPF 30 from Eucerin laboratories

This SPF 30 cream acts against spots on the skin. It limits their reappearance and protects your face from the sun's rays. If the sun is good, it accelerates the formation of brown spots on the skin. This is due to the overproduction of melanin by melanocytes. When melanin is produced in too large a quantity, it can give rise to pigment spots. And with age, the risk of developing skin cancer increases. The thiamidol contained in this treatment slows down the reappearance of brown spots. This anti-dark spot treatment contains hyaluronic acid for an anti-aging effect appreciated by mature skin. These facial treatments fight against free radicals, to display a beautiful anti-gloomy glow every day! Finally, in addition to all these actions, this anti-stain corrector provides softness and hydration to all skin types. Thanks to this anti-blemish treatment, you will find luminous skin in just 14 days.

Ducray’s Melascreen depigmenting treatment

This cream fights against the formation of brown spots. It offers a creamy texture that is easy to apply to your face and neckline. This anti-spot and hyperpigmentation serum contains azelaic acid and glycolic acid, ultra-effective against the formation of pigmentary imperfections. You can use these treatments to reduce pigmentary defects such as melasma and lentigo. To protect you from pigment spots due to exposure to the sun, the brand offers you numerous anti-stain treatments.

Lancôme Rénergie HCF anti-stain serum

It took the brand 3 years to create this innovative product. Its various anti-dark spot active ingredients are mixed at the last moment to help your skin regain its radiance and get rid of its “excess” pigments for a long time. These treatments include vitamin C and niacinamide which work effectively to give this corrector maximum anti-brown spot power. But that's not all ! This anti-stain cream is also anti-wrinkle and anti-aging. The hyaluronic aid it contains plumps the skin and smoothes wrinkles. Your features will no longer betray your age! This cream never ceases to surprise you! Good to know: these facial treatments do not have SPF action. Turn to other products if you are looking for effective sun protection in addition to your anti-blemish treatment.

A natural and effective anti-spot: argan oil

If you are a follower of our beauty blog, you already know that argan oil is one of the best moisturizing and nourishing products that your skin can benefit from. It is also a real anti-wrinkle ally. Well know that it is also capable of making your brown spots disappear! This anti-stain action is made possible by the vitamin E it contains. Interested in these amazing, natural, organic and complete products? Visit your organic stores and beauty salons! A top anti-blemish treatment! For argan oil to reveal its full anti-brown spot potential, take a few drops and massage to penetrate well. Ideal for relaxing before a good night's sleep! Note that this anti-pigment spot corrector that is vitamin E is also found in almonds, sunflower seeds and even dried apricots. Admit that it’s more appetizing than an anti-stain cream!

An astonishing product against invading pigments: the combination of a serum and light

To revive the radiance of your skin, you have several solutions. Invest in an anti-stain cream and cross your fingers that your product is effective, or prefer an innovative concealer, which you can use day and night. This innovative and effective product is the Brightening program from Lightinderm. Clinically proven, the results are there. This corrective treatment has a real anti-spot action. Like an anti-stain cream, the serum makes your pigment imperfections disappear thanks to its active ingredients. The action of the serum, combined with that of the massage and the light, restores radiance to your skin without damaging it. You can do this anti-brown spot treatment just before nighttime. When you wake up, your skin will have regained a little radiance! You will almost no longer need your usual creams! Read our customer reviews to see what this program can do for you!
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