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What are the benefits of light therapy for the skin?

In winter, it is not uncommon to suffer from winter blues, sleep problems or even suffer from depression. In question ? Lack of sunlight and low light intensity for months. Fortunately, light therapy can replace natural light. We already knew that a light therapy lamp worked miracles on our morale, now it takes care of our skin.
Obviously, as all our programs are based, among other things, on light, we thought it might be interesting to present to you the benefits of light therapy on the skin.

Light therapy: what are we talking about?

When we talk about light therapy, we are referring to treatment using light. Originally, this therapeutic technique mainly helps combat depression or sleep problems.
Light therapy consists of exposure to light rays; thanks to the use of a special lamp reproducing the sun's rays, signals are sent to the brain. Their aim is to help them clearly define the different stages of a day.

A bright idea to find a smile and beautiful skin

Thanks to light, it is possible to treat acne and several skin diseases, such as eczema, hives or psoriasis. There are different models of lamps, but they all work the same way. The properties of light penetrate the epidermis and help blood microcirculation. This quality facilitates cell renewal. Your skin looks more beautiful and healthier. Obviously, we do not advise you to expose yourself to sunlight to obtain similar results.
On the other hand, when your internal clock goes wrong, your body suffers from the winter/summer time difference and your skin is suffering, you can treat yourself to sessions with a suitable light therapy lamp. Before going to the store, find out about the power of the product, its price, its minimum and maximum intensity, the number of lux delivered or even the recommended use. You will be able to say goodbye to seasonal depression and restore order to your body's biological cycles.

The different actions of light on your skin

Light therapy is no longer just about dawn simulators. Thanks to the use of a light therapy lamp, your skin regains the energy its cells need, and collagen production is activated.
Light therapy, using a lamp, diffuses light through light-emitting diodes. These activate the cytochromes. These are proteins that naturally react to color and light. Through the use of a light therapy lamp, biochemical actions occur and act directly on the appearance and health of your skin:
•Acne scars are reduced. This is due to the intensity of the light from the light therapy lamp. This light is strong and bright. It facilitates blood microcirculation, which would act on cell renewal.
•It’s not necessarily the intensity of the light that will do all the work. A blue lamp acts against germs that can cause skin reactions caused by acne.
•Seasonal depression is explained by the change of season. Going from summer to winter isn't easy for anyone! Also, the simulation of sunlight helps you stay in a good mood even when the sky is wearing its winter clothes! And obviously, if you are happier, your skin appears brighter and more radiant. Furthermore, by avoiding drops in morale, we also avoid the behaviors that accompany them and which are not helpful to our skin: tobacco, fatty foods, etc.

Using Lightinderm programs to find and maintain beautiful and healthy skin

Each device has been designed to provide you with maximum care for 3 minutes, every day. So of course, you will not find restful sleep with our Eye model, and our Brightening program will not be able to help you much with this seasonal affective disorder that comes back to haunt you every year.
But that's not a big deal, because that's not the ambition of our lamps. Our lamps are there to reduce dark circles around your eyes, restore radiance to your skin, smooth wrinkles on your face or even boost collagen production. Mind you, it can help fight depression!
The design of the product has been designed to make it easier for you to use the device . You don't have to manage the intensity of the LEDs, we've taken care of that. All you have to do is find three minutes a day to enhance your skin!
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