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Firm your face with facial gymnastics

Even if you're hitting the gym for hours a week, we're willing to bet you're not working out your facial muscles. However, there are dozens of them. They are among the first to prove skin aging. It is thanks to the muscles of our face that we can modulate its expression. Even when resting, many of our muscles remain contracted. These are the muscles we use in our most common facial expressions. They are the ones who, at a certain age, form the famous expression lines. They become embedded on our forehead, around our lips or around the eyes.

How to work these muscles and reshape the oval of the face?

Fortunately, just like the muscle of your glutes or your thighs, that of the face can be worked to reveal all your beauty. A few facial gymnastics exercises will activate blood circulation. By working the facial muscles, dermatologists say it is possible to regain tone. If you miss the beauty of your early twenties, turn to facial gymnastics and you will rediscover the radiance specific to that age! If you are interested in this facial treatment, contact your dermatologist. Depending on the state of your muscles, he will recommend this or that exercise for restored plump lips, a remodeling of the oval of the face and a revived inner corner of the eye. Facial gymnastics: recommended for all ages? It is at the age of 20 that you can start to take a keen interest in facial gymnastics. Your skin is not yet marked, and the muscle used will respond better to the exercises. This will allow you to delay the appearance of your first wrinkles. The good news for all those who want to maintain their beauty is that it is never too late to start this type of exercise! From the start of your facial gymnastics practice, you should feel a certain sense of well-being. And the more you offer your face its daily gymnastics, the more you will find your skin younger. And if you repeat the right gymnastics exercise for several months, you will see that the gym has as many effects (or more!) than your best moisturizer!

4 exercises to adopt to plump up your skin

Before you begin your exercises, relax by inhaling and exhaling several times. Each facial gym exercise described below must be repeated 5 times.
  • Gymnastic exercise to reshape your lips
Say the letters “u” and “o” exaggeratedly.
  • Facial gymnastics for the care of the eye contour and lip contour
With the pads of your fingers, gently press the inner corner of your eye, up to the hairline, then at the height of your cheekbone. Repeat this exercise around the eyes.
  • Facial gymnastics exercise to reshape the oval of your face
While sitting, tilt your chin down a little. Place both of your closed fists under your chin. Apply opposing pressure between your fists and your chin and hold for 3 seconds. Rest for 3 seconds and start again.
  • Gymnastics to restore tone to your entire face
Starting from the outer edge of your hand and working towards the inner edge, squeeze your face from the bottom up, from the center outwards. Be careful not to perform this gymnastic exercise on the eye area.

When to do your facial exercise?

 There is no right time to do your facial gymnastics. Morning or evening, even in the afternoon, it's up to you. The muscles in your face will appreciate it, whatever the moment! Note that you can do your facial gymnastics with or without your cream.

The ideal complement to your gym exercise: light therapy

It’s clinically proven. 180 seconds a day for at least three weeks is enough to smooth your wrinkles, lift and firm your skin, and brighten your complexion. This promise is not addressed to you by facial yoga, but by the Repair program from the Lightinderm brand. In addition to the exercises performed daily to combat the effects of aging, this innovative device helps combat the signs of skin aging without any pain or injection. In addition to working your facial muscles, your device massages your tissues, making the serum penetrate your skin even more effectively. The combination of light with massage and serum helps you reclaim your beauty. Do not hesitate to contact our beauty experts , they will give you all the essential advice and tips to fight against the appearance of the first wrinkles and fade those that are already present.
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