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Skincare routine for blemish-free skin

You want to pamper your face. You are looking for a beauty routine that allows you to take care of your face and get rid of all your imperfections. A facial care routine suitable for oily and combination skin will allow you to say goodbye to redness, spots and blackheads. Here are the 9 rules to follow for a zero-imperfection skin routine.

Rule #1: Moisturize your skin

Your beauty routine must necessarily include a skin hydration step. This absolute rule is valid regardless of your skin type. Apply your cream morning and evening as a hydrating skin treatment. Drinking lots of water is too often forgotten when it comes to facial care!

Rule #2: Exfoliate your skin

Your skincare routine can start with an “exfoliation” step. This allows you to get rid of dead skin. You can do an exfoliating treatment once a week. By cleaning your skin of dead cells, you allow it to breathe better and free your pores. Whatever your skin type, be light on exfoliating products. They can irritate if used excessively.

Rule No. 3: Eat a balanced diet, the real beauty routine!

The appearance of your skin is altered or maintained by your diet. Anything fatty and sugary can damage your skin if consumed in excess. Fresh products act as real care for your skin. On the other hand, processed products harm the radiance of your face.

Rule #4: Always remove makeup to pamper your face

Any self-respecting beauty routine necessarily includes careful makeup removal. This step is essential for the radiance and beauty of your face. You proceed to clean the bacteria and pollution accumulated during the day. Choose a cleanser that is gentle on your skin and then apply your moisturizer. Furthermore, facial treatments always have better results on clean skin.

Rule No. 5: Say goodbye to tobacco to maintain your beauty

Smoking should be avoided if you want your new facial routine to really take effect. Tobacco causes the appearance of wrinkles, accelerates skin aging, etc. Everything we try to avoid when we apply a mask a week or watch for the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes!
Furthermore, if you suffer from acne, you can use the best facial care, acne symptoms will worsen if you smoke. Even if it's only occasional. Your skin care routine will only be effective if you adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Rule #6: Say goodbye to stress to take care of yourself

Your nervous system and your skin are closely connected. For your beauty routine to show its full potential, it is best to avoid periods of stress as much as possible. If you are prone to it, add sport and/or meditation to your skincare routine. These tips are valid for all skin types!

Rule #7: Make your sunscreen your best friend

The sun gives the impression of boosting the beauty of a face: healthy glow, tanned complexion and disappearance of skin problems. But we must not forget that UV rays, especially without applying sunscreen, dry out the skin. Also remember to protect the eye area with a pair of sunglasses. Because even the best serum will do nothing against burns... And these tips are valid for all skin types, from the lightest to the darkest!

Rule #8: All skin types love natural products

Any self-respecting facial routine necessarily involves the application of natural care to your skin. You can make them yourself to clean your pretty face, to enhance the eye area, to make a mask for the night, to replace your current moisturizing cream...
The uses are almost unlimited! You can also find your ready-made skin care in store!

Rule n°9: For skin without imperfections: a clean serum

For your routine to be truly effective, it is important to use products that respect your skin. This is why Lightinderm offers you treatments including light therapy, a serum and tissue massages. The Purity program offers your skin an optimal care routine for those who hope for flawless skin. If you follow each step of the program, your treatment will smooth your wrinkles, lift and firm your skin and brighten your complexion.
Treat your face to this routine, morning or evening, and find more even skin.
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