Interview Doctor Sophie Domergue


Watch the live performance of Géraldine Decaux , founder of Lightinderm and her guest, and the cosmetic surgeon: Doctor Sophie Domergue Discover the complementarity of Lightinderm programs with aesthetic medicine treatments. Doctor Sophie Domergue is an aesthetic and plastic surgeon in Montpellier and uses Lightinderm during these treatments. Lightinderm for additional in-office care I recommend the Repair treatment to my patients, mainly after procedures in an aesthetic medicine office: either injection or mesotherapy. Indeed, it is true that I find that it has the same objective, that is to say, increasing the production of collagen and therefore improving dermal density. The REPAIR program The first objective of the Repair program is, first of all, the anti-aging effect. For me, it is suitable for all patients who are looking for an improvement in the quality of their skin with an effect in particular on fine lines. It is true that it is very easy to use since you only use it three minutes a day. It is a very pleasant treatment for myself, my patients, or some of my acquaintances. We have very positive feedback with an effect on skin density, evenness of complexion, and a smoothing of fine lines which is quite present. What is Lightinderm for you? Lightinderm is a home treatment that goes further than dermo-cosmetic products. It combines light, photoactive ingredients, and self-massage. For me, this is a real innovation. What stood out to you about Lightinderm? Having myself completed a science thesis on skin healing, I was intrigued by the Lightinderm technology, and above all, I was impressed by the seriousness of the scientific studies and the quality of the results obtained. Redness, product recommendation The Redness program is intended for patients who are prone to redness and rosacea. It is true that the combination of photoactive principle and light with a specific wavelength will therefore make it possible to act directly on reducing this redness with skin that will be more even and much less reactive. The feedback I have received is very positive, my patients are delighted! How would you introduce Lightinderm? Lightinderm is a brand new home care technology that has clinically proven its effectiveness and combines light, photoactive ingredients, and self-massage to make it much more effective. What is the difference between Lightinderm and a classic treatment? Most dermo-cosmetic products do not penetrate the basement membrane of the epidermis. The advantage of Lightinderm lies in the combination of light and photoactive ingredients which will be able to act on the cells of the dermis and it is at this point that I find a new innovation. Brightening product recommendation I love the Brightening program! I use it in the morning, and it's true that when I wake up, this light on my face accompanied by the massage session motivates me for the day! How to benefit from visible results? The regularity of the use of the Lightinderm device is important to be able to observe the results and the effectiveness of the treatment because the cells and the body need regular stimulus to be able to regenerate well. It is by doing this practice every day that we will be able to monitor cell regeneration.
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