Triple Stimulation

Triple stimulation

“Lightinderm synergistically combines 3 types of stimulation : photobiomodulation, bio-induction and mechanotransduction. The Lightinderm triple stimulation: An energetic stimulation, with the energetic induction of light which targets both: - The superficial layer of the skin: the epidermis, the keratinocytes and the respiratory chains of the internal ridges of the mitochondria in order to mobilize and increase our energy reserves. - The deep layer: the dermis, on the collagen synthesis capacities of fibroblasts and myofibroblasts endowed with tissue contractile capacity. A biological stimulation with the bio-chemical action of highly concentrated photo-active ingredients. These photo-active ingredients are capable of developing a metabolic response for cell regeneration. Mechanical stimulation with deep massage of the skin on the targets chosen to respond to an in-depth cellular transformation, for remodeling into dense bundles of the collagen deposited by the two associated stimulations. A unique triple stimulation to take charge of the health of your skin . » Professor Jean-Alexis Grimaud – Scientific Director of Lightinderm.
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